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Debiut Necrophile ... japońskiego, we wrześniu

Unholy Prophecies sets September 16th as the international release date for the LONG-awaited debut album of Japan's Necrophile, Awakening Those Oppressed. Featuring current and ex-members of such cult bands as Anatomia, Multiplex, Messiah Death, Wormridden, and Transgressor, Necrophile arose from the ashes in 2012 after a two-decade-long slumber but are now prepared to unleash a torrent of deathrashing insanity with their very first full-length, Awakening Those Oppressed!

Awaken with the first track to be revealed, "Hysteria Siberiana," at Unholy Prophecies' Bandcamp HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Necrophile's Awakening Those Oppressed
1. Depravity Within
2. Desire for Asphyxiation
3. Hysteria Siberiana
4. Irrepressible Discharge
5. Awaken Ancient Storm
6. Soiled Gospel
7. Racing Time
8. Dissociation
9. Gruesome Cruelty
10. Night of the Gloomy Narcist


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