JOSEFSTADT (Brutal Assault)


The final band update for JOSEFSTADT by Brutal Assault is here and brings in the festival's headliner - Swedish Hypocrisy! Unfortunately, it is not only good news. Covid related restrictions of travel have cost us Conjurer and Pestilence. However, we are bringing in replacements with Poland's The Materia and Vader, whose name has resonated the most in your comments! You can also look forward to the emotionally charged post-hardcore of the Skywalker guys, while INNERSPHERE will add emotion and atmosphere to the modern take on death. CRIPPLED FINGERS will hit you with a thrashing hardcore fist, Stíny plamenů will bring honest black and Insistent will bring grindcore influenced by the Nordic scene. And finally we have one premiere - Altars Ablaze is a death/black project formed exclusively of well-known Czech musicians. 


Line-up: Ad Nauseam, Altar's Ablaze, Azarath, Beast Within The Sound, Belzebong, Bohemyst, Burning Witches, Catastrofy, Crippled Fingers, ČAD, Debustrol, Decapitated, Destruction, Distant, Doomas, Dordeduh, E-Force, Gride, Gruzja, Harakiri for the Sky, Hypocrisy, Igorrr, Implore, InnerSphere, Insistent, Materia, Marduk, Mean Messiah, Mental Cruelty, Mgla, Mindwork, Reactory, S.D.I., Sick Sinus Syndrome, Skywalker, Sněť, Spasm, Stíny Plamenů, Teethgrinder, Truchlo Strzygi, Vader, Within Destruction.

Second band update for JOSEFSTADT by Brutal Assault! Without any doubts, the biggest highlight of this update is Swedish black metal icon Marduk, no further words needed. In the black metal section you can look forward to Polish Gruzja, featuring members of Outre, Furia and Thaw. Voivod lovers should definitely not miss E-FORCE, who with their former singer Eric Forrest will bring a set based on records „Phobos“ and „Negatron“. The current directions in the death/core scene will be represented by modernists Within Destruction and one of Unique Leader's latest acts - DISTANT. And last but not least, make sure not to miss the progressive deathers Mindwork from Prague! Up-to-date line-up: Ad Nauseam, Azarath, Burning Witches, Catastrophe, Conjurer, Debustrol, Destruction, Distant, Dordeduh, E-Force, Gride, Gruzja, Harakiri for the Sky, Igorrr, Implore, Marduk, Mental Cruelty, Mgla, Mindwork, Pestilence, Reactory, S.D.I., Sneet, Spasm, Teethgrinder, Truchło Strzygi, Within Destruction Tickets:

We're excited to see the outlook for the summer clearing up and so we can now confirm that the small version of Brutal Assault will take place just as last year! This year the event will take its name after Jozefov's original name - JOSEFSTADT. You can look forward to dozens of extreme bands, the same quality of service, and further exploration of the Josefov fortress and its genius loci in three days of August 12-14, 2021. So do not forget to book this weekend in your calendars and let's enjoy Brutal Assault at least in its smaller version! Next year, hopefully, we will all meet without any restrictions. 

The wait is over! We are announcing the base of the line-up for JOSEFSTADT by Brutal Assault. Excited yet? We believe that your patience has been worth it! 😈 We are working hard to make the festival experience the best we can, however, in these times full of uncertainty many risks are involved. Therefore, we'd like to ask you to stay tolerant to potential changes. We have already sold 50 % of the limited capacity and would like to thank you for your support! Share and let others know what's coming up!


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