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Recenzja ORDER OF NOSFERAT „Necuratul”



Purity Through Fire 2021

Order of Nosferat powołany został do życia, kiedy to dwóch, zaangażowanych w scenę Black Metal jegomości, udzielających się min w Sarastus, Slagmark, From the Void, Sarkrista i Serpentfyre odkryło w sobie pewne pokłady wampirycznej natury i postanowiło dać temu upust w swej twórczości muzycznej. (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja PESTIS CULTUS „Pestis Cultus”


„Pestis Cultus”

Signal Rex 2021

Pestis Cultus, to australijska horda, która powstała na gruzach Snorri, a tworzą ją zaprawieni w bojach weterani sceny z Perth, którzy w niejednym kotle smołę gotowali (Wardaemonic, Black Putrescence, Grave Worship, Old Burial Temple). Cóż, nie słyszałem twórczości wspomnianego tu już Snorri, ale to, co usłyszałem na debiutanckim albumie długogrającym Pestis Cultus to zdecydowanie moje wibracje. (Czytaj dalej...)

Debiut KROSSFYRE jeszcze w tym miesiącu


Today, Hells Headbangers announces July 23rd as the international release date for Krossfyre's long-awaited debut album, Rites of Extermination, on CD format. The vinyl LP version will follow later this year.

It was but 2017 when a humble mini-album titled Burning Torches emerged from a then-unknown Krossfyre. A swift detonation of deadly decibels and surprise hit all around, Krossfyre's first recorded statement for Hells Headbangers proved absolutely addicting: berzerker intensity and timeless METAL songcraft colliding head-on for 20 utterly exciting 'n' electric minutes. Of course, perhaps this auspicious start wasn't all that surprising given that the Spaniards' ranks included members who do or have done time in such bands as Sheidim, Spain's Graveyard, Körgull the Exterminator, Insulters, Morbid Flesh, and Suspiral...

Wrapped in clearer and more cutting production that somehow manages to be even more devastating than their nuclear-assaulting debut EP, Rites of Extermination is everything - and more, MUCH MORE - a first Krossfyre album should be. Hear the roar of war and feel the Devil's force, fiercer and fresher than ever!

In the meantime, hear the previously revealed track "Infernal War" HERE at Hells Headbangers' official YouTube channel. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Krossfyre's Rites of Extermination
1. Rivers of Fire
2. Infernal War
3. Rites of Extermination
4. Casus Belli
5. Law of the Jackals
6. W.L. (Burn Like Fire)
7. Deadly Bites
8. Spit-Bullet



Today, Edged Circle Productions announces the signing of Norway's Black Viper. The first fruit of this union shall be a new EP containing two brand-new songs - "Volcanic Lightning" and "Ride of the Icarus" (instrumental) - and on the B-side, a Warlord cover of "Black Mass," as a tribute to the late Billy Tsamis. A release in winter is expected.

Featuring erstwhile members of the esteemed Deathhammer, Norway's Black Viper made their public debut in 2016 with the demo Storming With Vengeance. In 2018, they released their debut album, Hellions of Fire, through High Roller Records. While their pedigree is planted in Norway's renowned thrash metal scene, Black Viper go deeper back into the annals of heavy metal, offering an epic & moody amalgamation of mid '80s metal and early speed metal, from the Sunset Strip to dear old Blighty, the frozen tundra of Canada to the rising sun of Japan. Hellions of Fire garnered widespread acclaim, and for good reason: its energy is infectious, its songwriting authentic, everything TRUE AS STEEL.

The second Black Viper album, Solitary Gates, is already in pre-production, with final recording to commence shortly. More news to be announced shortly

Można odsłuchać nowy FUNERAL CHASM


Hailing from Denmark, doom entity FUNERAL CHASM conspires with Aesthetic Death to release “Omniversal Existence”, the band’s first album, on July 2nd 2021.

Ahead of its official release this Friday, the album is now streaming in its harrowing entirety at Invisible Oranges. Stream it at THIS LOCATION!

Earlier this month, FUNERAL CHASM premiered the album's third single, "Mesmerising Clarity", at No Clean Singing! Get mesmerised HERE!

The previous single, "The Truth That Never Was", was launched through an exclusive premiere at Toilet Ov Hell HERE!

Zapowiedź debiutu MALIGNAMENT


Today, Primitive Reaction announces September 24h as the international release date for Malignament's highly anticipated debut album, Hypocrisis Absolution.

It was but the autumn of 2019 when Malignament burst from the void with a shockingly developed debut demo. Although bearing just a couple tracks, the sheer songwriting prowess and furious, full-throttle execution proved that Malignament was already a name worth reckoning in Finland's elite black metal scene.

However, if that demo was an all-too-swift taste of Malignament's already-powerful potential, then Hypocrisis Absolution storms the gates with utter abandon. Just like its short-length predecessor, the duo's debut album no doubt bears some/many traits for which Finnish black metal is known/renown, but here do Malignament maximize the muscularity they flexed on that demo whilst somehow becoming more atmospheric. And whereas so much Finnish black metal focuses on freezing fire, Malignament's iteration is overtly triumphant and daresay warmer - molten, even, like a sword drawn forth from a forge. Elsewhere, the duo staunchly stick to their guns (or, rather, swords) and utilize their dizzying, mesmerizing melodicism to its fullest effect, poignantly pushing each of these eight songs into the halls of greatness, underpinned by a roiling 'n' robust soundfield that's somehow simultaneously ethereal. Above all, Malignament wisely understand the fundamentals of black metal and reside there - and there alone - never varying in their dedication or sidestepping into diluting waters. Hypocrisis Absolution is stark proof of pure and proud traditionalism done with reverence and defiance.

Wise ways from young hands, Malignament are prepared to offer Hypocrisis Absolution: surrender, or fall beneath their blade!

Feel the first steel of the brand-new track "Like Rats They Followed" HERE at Primitive Reaction's official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Malignament's Hypocrisis Absolution
1. Thunder of Awakening
2. Call to Arms
3. Like Rats They Followed
4. Storm And Chaos Within
5. Unforgiving North
6. Wolf And The Moon
7. And The Empires Will Fall
8. Bloodlust And Immortality

Ostatnie (w sensie nowe ...) wydawnictwa PUTRID CULT


Poland nowdays. Wilnyl limited to 226 copies

MAGNUS - Alcoholic Suicide CD version
Legendary Thrash Death Metal Band

NEKKROFUKK - Mysterious Rituals in the Abyss of Sabbath & Eternal Celebration of the Blakk Goat

Second edition of NEKKRO new album.

DIABOLICAL FULLMOON - The Pagan Wolves Will Rise Again CD


GRÓB - Mięsożerca MCD

Thrash Punk Death Metal

SEPULCHRAL CULT Immurement Spirits and Graveyard Chants

Oldschool Rotten Death Metal

UPON THE ALTAR Absid Ab Ordine Luminis CD

War Metal from Poland


Finnish Punk 'n Rollers GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS have announced the upcoming August 5 self-release of new EP Head Turns First, Eyes Follow ...

Kawałek z drugiego krążka Gasoline Guns do odsłuchu


"Motor Cult" is 9 tracks of driving high-octane heavy metal with harsh vocals. These are songs about post-apocalypse explosive world, blazing whiskey, fate, dusty roads and infernal rock and roll.

Kompilacja brazylijskich kapel do posłuchania na bancampie



01 - ARKANGER - Whispers in the Darkness
Black Death Metal
02 - CERBERUS ATTACK - Worms Incorporated
Thrash Metal
03 - CHRISTOPHER ABEL - Onde Quero Queros Cantam
Death Metal
04 - CULT OF HORROR - Song For The Sick
Black Death Metal
05 - DEADNATION - Braindead
Death Metal
06 - HAMOK - Shame
Death Metal
07 - HEAD KRUSHER - False Dichotomy
Thrash Death Metal
08 - INTO THE CAVE - Tombs Of The Blind Dead
Black Death Metal
09 - LUSFERUS - Into The Grey Autumn
Black Metal
10 - MADNESS - Horrendous Creation
Death Metal
11 - MALEDICTION 666 - Look Into The Eyes Of Death
Black Death Metal
12 - OBSCURE RELIC - Ride The Winged Serpent
Black Metal
Death Metal
14 - QUILOMBO - Ancestralidade
Death Metal
15 - SANGRE - Are You Ready To Die
Thrash Death Metal
16 - TERROR CULT - Invisible Threat
Thrash Death Metal
17 - THESE DARK TRAILS - Forgotten Ones
Doom Black Metal
18 - TORMENTA - Em Nome De Deus
Thrash Metal
19 - TYRANNO - Dead Brain, Living Skull
Thrash Death Metal
20 - VUDUZEBU - Deuszebu Black Death Metal

Nowości z Xtreem Music


New Heerwegen Tod Production Release

Paranoia Inducta
Into Eternal Darkness
(HTP-CD 021)

We are honored to present to you again the premiere of the latest Paranoia Inducta dark ambient album "Into Eternal Darkness". This is the latest work of Anthony Armaggedon Destroyer who is definitely responsible for this beautiful and gloomy album ! Anyone who knows Paranoia`s discography easily finds himself in this anti-music because this is how ADestroyer talks about his music. This is also one of the darkest album in Paranoia`s discography which keeps the listener in total isolation, only with his own thoughts and fears. We find ourselves in the world where it seems everything to be over but however we also meet there some euphoria....? That is just incredible journey into our own minds and souls. Nothing could be the same anymore...
There are also of course specific for Paranoia Inducta keys
which as usual perfectly penetrate the mist of darkness.
"Into Eternal Darkness" is just over 64 minutes of dark ambient dose varied with elements of some kind of schizophrenic visions...just try, are they your visions ?
Released in A5 Digipack CD is an absolutely diamond in the Paranoia Inducta collection!

33,33 PLN / 8,88 euro

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Nadchodzi nowy AZAZEL (chyba że zachleją)


Today, Primitive Reaction announces September 24h as the international release date for the highly anticipated third album of Finland's AzazelAegrus Satanas Tecum.

Formed in that fateful year of 1992, Azazel are among the first black metal bands to hail from Finland – and undoubtedly, one of the most cult. The band released a demo in 1993 and a mini-album in ’96, but then receded into the shadows and misery for many years. Following a split album in 2011, however, the black flame of Azazel was burning brightly once again, resulting in the full-lengths Jesus Perversions (2012) and Witches Deny Holy Trinity (2015). And while it would seem that the shadows of misery ensnared the band again, some demons never die...

Now, at long last, those shadows recede and reveal Azazel's long-awaited third album, Aegrus Satanas Tecum. Immediately and righteously recognizable as AzazelAegrus Satanas Tecum is a unique record in that it bridges all the band's eras whilst opening new portals into the black beyond. Here, one will find the near-bestial filth & fury of Jesus Perversions alongside the more haunting and even stately sensations of Witches Deny Holy Trinity. But, like anything in Azazel's wild & weird world, ramshackle insanity runs riot - and often - and thus is a variety of songcraft employed to mangle the mind and ruin the spirit. And yet, the finesse with which Azazel accomplish this, playing something "primitive" but in clear & cutting fashion (and vice versa), bespeaks some strange magick on the band's part and lends even more staying power to their ever-uncompromising sound. Above all, Aegrus Satanas Tecum is an album that's equally early '90s as it is NOW: Azazel are more undead than ever.

"Accomplished"? Perhaps? Ancient? Always. Azazel may be predictably unpredictable, but Aegrus Satanas Tecum proves that their twisting saga is far from over...

Hear for yourself with the brand-new track "Demons Attack the Nun's Chapel" HERE at Primitive Reaction's official YouTube channel. Cover artwork, courtesy of the legendary Chris Moyen, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Azazel (Finland)'s Aegrum Satanas Tecum
1. Invocation (Hail the Ancient Ones)
2. Jesus Christ Impotent Rotting Saviour
3. Welcome to Church Bizarre
4. I Worship Him
5. Demons Attack the Nun's Chapel (Aegrum Satanas Tecum)
6. Incubus Rises Again
7. Succubus, My Infernal Vampire Spirit
8. In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas

Nowy track od GALVANIZER


Today, Finnish death metallers Galvanizer premiere the new track "The Ever-Crescent" at heavily trafficked web-portal NoCleanSinging.com. The track is the second to be revealed from the band's  highly anticipated second album, Prying Sight of Imperception, set for international release on July 26th via Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl) and Everlasting Spew (CD). Hear Galvanizer's "The Ever-Crescent" in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Step into the cemetery with the brand-new track "The Ever-Crescent" exclusively HERE, courtesy of NoCleanSinging.com. Further step into that cemetery with the previously revealed "The Inexorable" HERE at Me Saco Uno Ojo's Bandcamp. Preorder info for the CD version can be found HERE at Everlasting Spew's Bandcamp. Preorder info for Me Saco Un Ojo's vinyl version can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Galvanizer's Prying Sight of Imperception
1. The Sanguine Legacy
2. Servants of the Scourge
3. The Inexorable
4. Blaze From Within
5. Chthonic Profanation
6. Ground Above
7. Dia De Muertos
8. The Ever-Crescent
9. Grotesque Devotion
10. Of Flesh Unknown

Wznowienie Blood of Christ


The Last Words of Death w lipcu


poniedziałek, 28 czerwca 2021

Recenzja PERILAXE OCCLUSION „Raytraces Of Death”


Raytraces Of Death”

Debemur Morti (2021)

Ekipa z Ontario w zeszłym roku zaliczyła małe wejście smoka, bo ich ubiegłoroczne, trzyutworowe demo uczyniło z nich zespół zauważalny, w którym można upatrywać, kolejnej, „nowej” siły na rynku jaskiniowego death/doomu. Najnowsza propozycja Kanadyjczyków to również demo i również trzy utworu, tym razem nagrane dla francuskiej Debemur Morti.  (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja WICHER „Czary i Czarty”



Czary i Czarty”

Godz Ov War Productions 2021

Teraz muzycznie oddalimy się nieco od typowo metalowej stylistyki, choć nadal będziemy obracać się w tematach, które w mniejszym, bądź większym stopniu są z nią powiązane. A wszystko to za sprawą debiutanckiej płyty projektu Wicher, którą pod swymi sztandarami wydała niezmordowana Godz Ov War Productions.  (Czytaj dalej...)

piątek, 25 czerwca 2021

Recenzja Beyond Man “Beyond Man”


Beyond Man

“Beyond Man”

The Sinister Flame 2021

W ubiegłym roku natknąłem się na informację o istnieniu takiego tworu jak Beyond Man, który działał już X lat temu ale z różnych powodów zawiesił działalność na prawie 10 lat.

Zespół pochodzi z Norwegii (dokładniej z Trondheim) a w jego skład wchodzą muzycy udzielający się w takich bandach jak : Mare, Ritual Death, Darvaza, Saligia, Behexen, Dark Sonority, Aptorian Demon. Wyżej wspomniane kapele nie należą do tych, które na swoim koncie mają słabe wydawnictwa, wręcz przeciwnie same bardzo dobre materiały. Nie będę jednak zajmować się tutaj wychwalaniem tych materiałów, tylko pozwolę sobie pokrótce opisać materiał Beyond Man. (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja Graveland “Hour of Ragnarok”



“Hour of Ragnarok”

Inferna Profundus Records 2021

Zakładam, że nie trzeba nikomu przedstawiać tego zespołu i tłumaczyć kim jest Rob Darken. Po 3 latach od ostatniego albumu Graveland powraca wraz z nowym pełniakiem o nazwie „Hour of Ragnarok”, który wydany został przez litewską wytwórnię Inferna Profundus Records.

Na samym wstępie pozwolę sobie zaznaczyć, że nigdy nie byłem fanem tej formacji i mógłbym mieć problem w wymienieniu chociaż 5 utworów z całego dorobku Graveland. (Czytaj dalej...)



CYCLOPS CATARACT Unleashes Video for “The Unforgiven Dead”

The Scottish Black/Death Metal Outfit CYCLOPS CATARACT has released a new video for the track “The Unforgiven Dead”.

The song is part of the new album The Bestiary, released on June, 5th via Planet K Records.

czwartek, 24 czerwca 2021

Nowy album SUFFER YOURSELF do odsłuchu


Funeral doom institution SUFFER YOURSELF conspires with Aesthetic Death to release Rip Tide”, the band’s third album, on June 25th 2021.

Today, heavily-trafficked metal portal No Clean Singing is hosting an exclusive premiere of "Rip Tide" at THIS LOCATION!

Album tracklist:

01. Spit in the Chasm
02. Desir de Trepas Maritime (Au Bord de la Mer Je Veux Mourir)
03. Submerging

Recenzja Severed Boy "Tragic Encounters"


Severed Boy

"Tragic Encounters"

Caligari Rec. 2021

Już jakiś czas nie zaglądałem głębiej do studzienki o nazwie Caligari. Z bardzo prostej przyczyny - większość ostatnich wydawnictw tego labelu wydawała mi się jakaś taka... nijaka. Nie znaczy to oczywiście, że zacząłem już na nich stawiać krzyżyk, raczej potraktowałem ten stan jak pewnego rodzaju zadyszkę. Po Amerykanach nadal możemy się spodziewać określonego poziomu, na co dowodem jest kręcący się właśnie w moich nausznikach debiut Severed Boy.  (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja LABYRINTH ENTRANCE „Deplore the Vanity”



Deplore the Vanity”

Godz Ov War Productions 2021

Cztery lata po ciepło przyjętym, debiutanckim albumie Labyrinth Entrance, powołany do życia przez muzyka Stillborn i Horror of Naatu, powraca ze swą drugą płytą, ponownie wydaną pod sztandarami Godz Ov War Productions, aby poprowadzić słuchaczy mroczną, krętą drogą poprzez piekielne zakamarki i niepoznane, zaklęte rewiry zainfekowanej próżnością, ludzkiej podświadomości. (Czytaj dalej...)

Debiut SEANCE OF... do odsłuchu


Today, Australian black metal enigma Seance Of... streams the entirety of its highly anticipated debut album, The Colour of Magick, at heavily trafficked web-portal GrizzlyButts.com. Set for international release on June 24th via Signal Rex,  hear Seance Of...'s The Colour of Magick in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Fully open that third eye exclusively HERE, courtesy of GrizzlyButts.com. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Seance Of...'s The Colour of Magick
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7
8. 8

środa, 23 czerwca 2021

Recenzja SCRAP PILE „The Unnamed”



The Unnamed” (Ep)

Independent 2021

Scrap Pile to jeszcze mało znana nazwa na oficjalnej scenie brutalnego napierdalania, która, póki co funkcjonuje cały czas w szeroko pojętym undergroundzie, ale podejrzewam, że niebawem zgłosi się po nich jakaś solidna wytwórnia, zapewniając im odpowiednie wsparcie. Sądzę tak, chociażby z dwóch powodów.  (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja EXIL "Warning"


Armageddon Label 2021

Kiedyś jeden z moich znajomych drwił sobie mocno z punka, twierdząc, że każdy kto słucha tego gatunku jest brudasem i pozerem (w stopniu znacznym, uniemożliwiającym wypowiadanie się na temat metalu). No cóż, przeciętnie rozgarnięty typ zna wpływ rzeczonego gatunku choćby na death metal i zapewne zauważa, jak wiele zespołów black metalowych czerpie z niego garściami do dziś.  (Czytaj dalej...)

Debiut SIDEREAN do odsłuchu


Today, mind-bending death metallers Siderean stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Lost on Void's Horizon, at heavily trafficked web-portal NoCleanSinging.com. Set for international release on June 25th via Edged Circle Productions, hear Siderean's Lost on Void's Horizon in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Witness the full sounds of that arrival exclusively HERE, courtesy of NoCleanSinging.com. Preorder info can be found HERE at Edged Circle's Bandcamp. Aforementioned cover art  and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Siderean's Lost on Void's Horizon
1. Eolith [9:15]
2. Traversing [1:42]
3. Lost on Void's Horizon [9:05]
4. Sidereal Evolution [6:47]
5. Coalescing into the Expanse [6:19]
6. Abyssophora [7:40]

EP-ka SHRIEKING DEMONS pod koniec lipca


Today, Caligari Records announces July 30th as the international release date for Shrieking Demons' striking debut EP, Diabolical Regurgitations, on CD and cassette tape formats.

A newborn abomination devoted to the filthiest form of ancient death metal in the vein of Autopsy/Abscess, Decomposed, and Dream Death, Shrieking Demons may surprise with their moniker, but their sound is as sure and steadfast as it comes. A power-trio in the grand tradition featuring members of Assumption, Undead Creep, Morbo, Gravesite, Haemophagus, and Becerus among others, Shrieking Demons' sound is both sparse and smothering on their public debut, Diabolical Regurgitations. It's a swift and exciting spin at a concise 17 minutes, dredging up doom before kicking into classic, righteously headbanging gallops, and all rounded out by crushingly clear production that sacrifices not one whit of grit or grime: simply, the sewer-dredging effect of Shrieking Demons cannot be washed off!

Drink deep and vomit it back up, for Shrieking Demons have arrived with Diabolical Regurgitations!

Begin drinking & vomiting with the brand-new track "Hidden Cathedral of Diseases" HERE on Caligari's Bandcamp, where both formats can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Shrieking Demons' Diabolical Regurgitations
1. Water Drop Torture
2. Hidden Cathedral of Diseases
3. Unspeakable Rites
4. Whispering Corridors