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Recenzja Black Death Cult "Devil's Paradise"


Black Death Cult

"Devil's Paradise"

Hells Headbangers 2020

No nareszcie! Na to wydawnictwo czekałem ładnych kilka miesięcy, od chwili kiedy to po raz pierwszy zetknąłem się z twórczością Kanadyjczyków. "Devil's Paradise" co prawda ukazał się pierwotnie w zeszłym roku nakładem Serpents Head Reprisal, jednak jako iż winylowy nie jestem, musiałem czekać na zapowiadany ruch ze strony Hells Headbangers. Debiut Black Death Cult to ponad pięćdziesiąt minut muzyki, którą z grubsza można zaszufladkować jako black/death metal. (Czytaj dalej...)

piątek, 30 października 2020

Recenzja Omegavortex "Black Abomination Spawn"



"Black Abomination Spawn"

Invictus Prod. 2020

Nie da się zaprzeczyć, że okładka debiutanckiego albumu Omegavortex przyciąga. I mimo, iż często jest to pewnego rodzaju zmyłka, tym razem moje czujne oko skauta się nie myliło. Niemcy działali uprzednio od roku 2007 pod szyldem Ambivalence i choć tak naprawdę dziś nie wiadomo, kto z ówczesnego składu kontynuuje muzykowanie pod nowym szyldem, to o nowicjuszach bynajmniej w przypadku autorów "Black Abomination Spawn" nie możemy mówić. (Czytaj dalej...)

Debiut BLACK DEATH CULT za miesiąc


Today, Hells Headbangers announces November 27th as the international release date for Black Death Cult's striking debut album, Devil's Paradise, on CD format.
An otherwise-new entity hailing from Canada, Black Death Cult are a mysterious quintet which includes one Rephaim Spectre, AKA Tim Grieco of Antediluvian and, more recently, live member of Revenge. However, Black Death Cult is its own entity altogether, and one way, WAY beyond most nowadays black/death...
A bolt from the blue (or deepest black), Devil's Paradise is Black Death Cult's debut recording: a full-length comprising nine foul hymns in 51 minutes. It was originally released on double-LP vinyl format during the autumn of 2019, but now Hells Headbangers steps forward to unleash this bewitching sonic abomination to the masses on CD format.

If references help - and usually they don't, as Devil's Paradise is again its own miasmic headspace - Black Death Cult could be likened to the full panorama of Beherit's always-challenging canon as well as other unorthodox magickians like Master's Hammer, Tormentor, Necromantia, Root, Barathrum, Cultes des Ghoules, and Ride for Revenge. But even then, that only tells half the tale...and so many sulfurous splendors await. Submit thy soul to this Devil's Paradise!
In the meantime, stream a track from Devil's Paradise and read an interview with the esteemed Bardo Methodology HERE, which also reveals the surprising origins of the Black Death Cult moniker. Preorder info for the CD version can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Black Death Cult's Devil's Paradise
1. Infernal Triad
2. Double Monolith
3. Nightside of the Pyramids
4. Epilogue
5. Captor of Perception
6. .AM.
7. Funereality
8. Living Temple
9. The Unnameable

Debiutancka EP-ka WRITHING w grudniu


Today, Blood Harvest Records sets December 11th as the international release date for the striking debut EP of Australia's WrithingEternalised in Rot, on 7" vinyl format.
The power-trio's first public recording, Eternalised in Rot is a quick-yet-crushing introduction to Writhing's generation-straddling death metal. While no doubt rooted in American turn-of-the-'90s classics - in particular, the earliest works of Suffocation, Immolation, and Gorguts - there's equally a sense of the ominous and ethereal here which puts this two-song EP in more modern/progressive company; contemporaries could include Portal, Ulcerate, Gigan, Altarage, and even Mithras and Mitochondrion. But, lest one think Writhing lurk too long in the abyssal depths, there's a startlingly precise execution across the EP that ably highlights the band's tech-yet-focused songwriting.
Originally self-released on CD and then finding a cassette edition via Redefining Darkness, Blood Harvest now spews Eternalised in Rot onto 7" vinyl, with 150 copies to be unleashed on black and 50 fittingly on gross green. Commence Writhing!
In the meantime, stream Eternalised in Rot in its entirety HERE at Blood Harvest's Bandcamp. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Writhing (Australia)'s Eternalised in Rot

1. Void of Derision
2. Eternalised in Rot

Split HADOPELAGYAL / THORYBOS na początku grudnia


Today, Amor Fati Productions sets December 2nd as the international release date for Conjuring Subterranean Vortex, a special split album between Hadopelagyal and Thorybos, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
Appealing in us and widely released from getting placed in vacant definitions, there is resulting pantophagy - bounded by the energies which are at work in us, which are exempted from expression through hollow words and not attempted to be depicted concretely. Our compound exists for what is shaking and flowing in us, naturally grown and born by efforts of disposition in infinity. Doomed in utter vagous cacaesthesia, a haemathermal burning thirst for things that are to be figured out tacitly, which may also wait eternally to get breathed into life and get a name because, raining from the heavens, they will presumably never meet us at all. We vomit what is in our limbs and inhale from our depths what we allow to lead us.

First track to be revealed shortly. Cover artwork, courtesy of Void Revelations, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Hadopelagyal & Thorybos' Conjuring Subterranean Vortex

Side A:
1: Hadopelagyal – Schattendraeuen
2: Hadopelagyal – Beshrew Thee - Through Mephitic Babeldom In Aphotic Vorago
3: Hadopelagyal – Perspice Obscurum, Ubi Ima Reges, Lucem Contemnes, Ad Amentiam Convertes
Side B:
1: Thorybos – Gate I Hamartigenia
2: Thorybos – Underground Cemetary
3: Thorybos – Gate II Paraphernalia
4: Thorybos – Temple Prostitution



Today, death metal primitivists Pneuma Hagion premiere the new track "Anticosmic Incantations" at heavily trafficked web-portal The track is the second to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated debut album, Voidgazer, set for international release on December 1st via Nuclear War Now! Productions on vinyl LP format. Hear Pneuma Hagion's "Anticosmic Incantations" in its entirety exclusively HERE.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Anticosmic Incantations" exclusively HERE, courtesy of Also hear the previously revealed "The Black Light" HERE at Nuclear War Now!'s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Pneuma Hagion's Voidgazer

1. Aeons of Slumber
2. Summoning
3. The Black Light
4. Timeless Darkness
5. Anticosmic Incantations
6. Febrile Dreams
7. Gates to Worlds Beyond
8. Drawn Down from the Stars
9. Primordial

Drugi krążek SAINTE MARIE DES LOUPS w listopadzie


Today, Amor Fati Productions, in conspiracy with Mare Cognitium's Extraconscious Records, sets November 25th as the international release date for Sainte Marie des Loups' highly anticipated second album, Funérailles de Feu, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The vinyl version is to be co-released with Extraconscious in the US, while the CD version will be handled exclusively by Amor Fati.

Begin preparing with the brand-new track "Interdit et oublié" HERE at Amor Fati 's official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sainte Marie des Loupes' Funérailles de Feu

1. Anciens serpents [4:20]
2. Meurtrieres [5:00]
3. Funerailles de Feu [6:21]
4. Dans les yeux de Meduse [4:13]
5. Interdit et oublié [4:51]
6. Des profondeurs le silence [7:21]
7. Visions [6:23]

APOCHRYPHAL REVELATION udostępniają nowy album do odsłuchu


Today, olde-world black metallers Apochryphal Revelation stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album, Primeval Devilish Wisdom, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on November 1st via Nuclear War Now! Productions, hear Apochryphal Revelation's Primeval Devilish Wisdom in its entirety exclusively HERE.

In the leadup to its international release on November 1st, hear Primeval Devilish Wisdom in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Apochryphal Revelation's Primeval Devilish Wisdom

1. Primeval Devilish Worship
2. Wickedness
3. Profane
4. Death of the Savior
5. Poisoned Blood of the Redeemer
6. Constantine
7. Entering the Realm
8. Obscure
9. Mother Hecate
10. Burning
11. Dismal Depths
12. Blasphemous
13. Invocation
14. Graveyard
15. Dreams of Beyond

Kawałek Aeolian do odsłuchu

Melodic Death Metallers Aeolian brings fourth their second single "We Humans" of their new album "The Negationist" 
out November 20th

The Negationist’ holds the story of where darkness and hope merge in an introspective trip marked by the damage we are doing to our own planet and how this is affecting us severely.

Kawałek ANTIPOPE do odsłuchu

Finland’s ANTIPOPE unveils a new music video for “Red Goddess”. 

“Apostle of Infinite Joy”

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Kompilacja Undertakers “Dictatorial Democracy” już jutro

will release a new compilation entitled “Dictatorial Democracy” on 30th October 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

Pre Order:


Split on November 27th.

Horror Pain Gore Death is proud to present an epic international assault of Blackened Speed/Thrash! Featuring all new exclusive material spewed forth from Whipstriker (Brazil), Terrörhammer (Serbia), Vulcan Tyrant (The Netherlands) and Speedwhore (Germany).

An infernal invasion of relentless riffs, drums of devastation and vicious, violent vocals. The gates of Hell have been opened... beware! For fans of Abigail, Bathory, Bulldozer, Destruction, Midnight, Running Wild, Razor, Sabbat, Sodom, Speedwolf, Tank, Toxic Holocaust, Venom and Witchtrap.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release the split November 27th on CD and Digital formats.

Listen to the track "Forged In Cruelty" by Whipstriker

Pre-order the split release on digital and CD at

1. WHIPSTRIKER - Forged In Cruelty
2. TERRÖRHAMMER - The Breath Of Fire
3. VULCAN TYRANT - Dim Iz Pakla (Smoke From Hell)
4. SPEEDWHORE - The Cult Is Reborn

Kawałek Tableau Mort do odsłuchu

New single and video by TABLEAU MORT

British black metal band Tableau Mort released a new video for their latest single, Malice: The Creation of Tragedy. 

Malice is the last single of the Ignorance, Malice and Heresy trilogy and features the Israeli multi-instrumentalist/singer Alon Leon Hillel.

Recenzja Witchbones "Akasha 2: The Lost Demos / Akasha 3: Salt, Sea, Blood and Fire"



"Akasha 2: The Lost Demos / Akasha 3: Salt, Sea, Blood and Fire"

Morbid Chapel 2020

Nie tak dawno wylewałem tu swoje myśli na temat trzeciej płyty Witchbones, będącej oficjalnym zamknięciem działalności Vardlokkera pod tym szyldem. Jednak dzięki uprzejmości Morbid Chapel Records otrzymujemy jeszcze swojego rodzaju postludium w postaci dwóch demówek, wydanych dawno temu w niskim nakładzie na taśmie i obecnie kompletnie niedostępnych. Jako iż obie pochodzą z tego samego okresu i nie różnią się zbytnio pod względem klimatu, postanowiłem przybliżyć ich zawartość w jednym tekście.  (Czytaj dalej...)

SNĚŤ szykują debiut


Today, Blood Harvest Records announces the signing of Czechia's Sněť. The first fruit of this union will be the band's highly anticipated debut album, Mokvání V Okovech, whose recording will commence on November 2nd. An early 2021 release is expected, with Blood Harvest handling the CD and vinyl editions, while the cassette version will be handled by Lycanthropic Chants in Europe and Headsplit Records in the US.

Hailing from Prague, Sněť formed in the beginning of 2018 with a specific aim: rotten and crushing DEATH METAL in the vein of bands like Undergang, Funebrarum, Autopsy, and Carcass, but adding their own view to the style. Imperative to the five members of Sněť is placing equal emphasis on the punkish parts and crushing ones, with the sick melodies of doom-death swept across the whole thing. The five-piece released a two-song promo recording in April 2019, and preparations were underway for a new EP to follow; however, drummer Krütorr broke his leg right before the recording session and and then the Covid19 pandemic started, so the band decided to write more music and release a full-length instead.
Sněť's Mokvání V Okovech will consist of seven new songs plus an instrumental intro. Expect nothing but utterly CRUSHING, grimy 'n' ghastly DEATH METAL of a most mandatory order. Sickness and slime are being conjured shortly...



Today, American death metal upstarts Humanity is Cancer premiere the new track "Beyond Salvation" at heavily trafficked web-portal The track is the third to be revealed from the band's self-titled debut EP, set for international release on November 13th via Redefining Darkness Records. Hear Humanity is Cancer's "Beyond Salvation" in its entirety exclusively HERE.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Beyond Salvation" exclusively HERE, courtesy of Also hear the previously revealed "Harlot" exclusively HERE, courtesy of, as well as the previously revealed "Cancer is Humanity (A Future of Violence & Death)" HERE at Redefining Darkness' Bandcamp, where the EP can also be preordered. Cover artwork, courtesy of Remy Cuveillier at Headsplit Design, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Humanity is Cancer's Humanity is Cancer
1. Cancer is Humanity (A Future of Violence & Death)
2. Harlot
3. Punishment Due
4. Beyond Salvation

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Recenzja Seraphic Entombment "Quelled"


Seraphic Entombment


Morbid Chapel 2020

Chwilami patrząc, co się dzieje w tym zjebanym kraju najzwyczajniej w świecie brakuje mi sił. Szukam ucieczki, jakiegoś azylu, czegokolwiek, co pozwalałoby mi choć na chwilę zapomnieć o wszechogarniającej, wkurwiającej rzeczywistości. (Czytaj dalej...)

Nowy kawałek CONTRARIAN do odsłuchu

Progressive DM Squad CONTRARIAN Premiere New Song: "The Mega-Metropolis"

Rochester (NY) - CONTRARIAN have released the third single from forthcoming album Only Time Will Tell.

CONTRARIAN are set to release their fourth album, Only Time Will Tell, November 20 on Willowtip Records!


Recenzja SLAUGHTER MESSIAH „Cursed To The Pyre”


„Cursed To The Pyre”

High Roller Records 2020


Pierwszy, pełny album tych belgijskich maniaków, to bardzo konkretny, oldschool’owy napierdol. Trochę ponad 42 minuty tej soczystej, Thrash/Black/Death Metalowej nawałnicy głęboko zanurzonej w późnych latach 80-tych i początku lat 90-tych potrafi spuścić słuchaczowi solidne wjeby i w sposób zdecydowany robi mi dobrze. (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja RIPPED TO SHREDS „Luan”



Pulverised Records 2020

Ripped to Shreds to międzynarodowy ansambl, którym niepodzielnie włada maniakalny wyznawca Metalu Śmierci, znany także z udziału w Azath, czy choćby Skullsmasher Andrew Lee. On to w głównej mierze odpowiada za muzykę oraz za proces jej nagrywania i trzeba przyznać uczciwie, że robi to zajebiście, a Death Metal wyssał chyba z cyca matki. W kwietniu tego roku pod sztandarami Pulverised Recordsukazał się drugi długograj tego projektu, który przynosi nam 35 minut bardzo konkretnego napierdalania po same uszy zanurzonego w oldschool’owej, szwedzkiej szkole gatunku. (Czytaj dalej...)

EP-ka NOXIS do odsłuchu


Today, American death metal upstarts Noxis stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut EP, Expanse of Hellish Black Mire, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on October 30th via Pulverised and Rotted LifePulverised will release the CD and 12" vinyl formats, while Rotted Life will handle the 10" vinyl and cassette tape versions for North America - hear Noxis' Expanse of Hellish Black Mire in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Fully behold that brightness/bleakness exclusively HERE, courtesy of Preorder info for the Pulverised versions can be found HERE while preorder info for the Rotted Life versions can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Noxis' Expanse of Hellish Mire
1. Dream Infested [4:28]
2. Contorted Bowels Warm [2:56]
3. Incubated Disgust [2:54]
4. Guts Liquify [2:59]

OCCELENSBRIGG zapowiadają nowy materiał


Occelensbrigg return with another striking and swirling work, five long tracks intensively violent like the wind whispering from the One who walks the highest mountains.
Dissonant yet abrasive and surely hypnotizing, Frostbitten Cleansing will drive you through the roughest of the paths you can find on this terrestrial space, a journey through the icy and deadly mountains, to purify your soul and mind!
Occelensbrigg's Frostbitten Cleansing was recorded at the dawn of the last winter under the Aldebaran Circle and is now brought to light by Harvest of Death.
The cassette version is being released this weekend, on November 1st. In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Gathering the Cold of Many Winters" HERE at Signal Rex's official YouTube channel.

Zapowiedzi wydawnicze od OLD TEMPLE


PREMIERE 30.10.2020


UR Obelga

"Obelga" to muzyczny kontrast pomiędzy agresywnym black metalem, przebojowym heavy, a melodiami inspirowanymi klasycznym graniem rodem z lat 90-tych.


"Obelga" is a musical contrast between aggressive black metal, hit heavy metal and melodies inspired by classic playing from the 90s.



Brazylijski bicz uderzył wspólnie z Polskimi terrorystami tworząc bezlitosną dawka podziemnego  metalu.

Brazilian wild troopers together with Polish terrorists, creating a merciless  underground metal.



Nothing Has Changed to industrial pełen basowego gruzu, mechanicznych bitów, nieludzkiej atmosfery i odhumanizowanych dźwięków.
Dla fanów: Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Slab!, Whalesong, Dead World
Nothing Has Changed debut album conjures industrial music full of inhuman atmosphere, bass driven music and mechanical rhythms.
For fans of : Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Slab!, Whalesong, Dead World



W listopadzie kolejna premiera ! / Another premiere in November !



Old Temple powraca do korzenie metalu i z nieukrywaną dumą prezentuje kolejną reedycje. Materiał który stanowi jeden z ważniejszych elementów polskiego podziemia. Pierwszy album Quo Vadis który zostanie wydany na jednym CD w dwóch wersjach językowych z tekstami po Polsku i Angielsku. Książeczka prócz tekstów wzbogacona będzie o archiwalne zdjęcia zespołu. Specjalnie na to wydawnictwo okładka została skopiowana z obrazu jaki powstał na potrzeby Quo Vadis. Planowana premiera na połowę listopada. Pozycja obowiązkowa dla wszystkich fanów starego porządnego Death / Thrash Metalu.

Old Temple returns to metals roots and with undisguised pride presents next re-release. A material that is one of the most important release of the Polish underground. The first Quo Vadis album will be released on one CD in two language versions with lyrics in Polish and English. Texts in the booklet will be enriched with archival bands photos. Especially for this release, the cover was copied from the painting that was created for "Quo Vadis". Planned premiere in mid-November. A must have for all fans of old Death / Thrash Metal.

Taśma ALCOHELLDRUGS “Infernal Metal Punk” w listopadzie

Murder Records has the infamous honor of announcing the hellish coffins are open to receive Alcohelldrugs a band from the Brazilian northeastern underworld.


Krążek HERETIC RITUAL w listopadzie

Death in Pieces Records presents: 

HERETIC RITUAL “War - Desecration - Genocide / Passages of Infinite Hatred” Full length album. CD in standard jewel case with slip case, limited edition to 500 copies. 

War - Desecration – Genocide - Passages of Infinite Hatred is a debut album of new born Raw Black-Death metal: Heretic Ritual. Featuring members of Rotting Grave and ex members of Necroccultus.

Nine tracks of chaos, bestiality and darkness, with possessed vocals and profane hatred. Imperative for fans of Sarcofago, Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Archgoat, Angelcorpse. 

Release date: November 10th


Bestial Profaner: Guitar and vocal abominations (Rotting Grave, ex Necroccultus)
Gothmog: Drums and hammer destroyer (ex Necroccultus)
Kulto Macabro: Bass from the abyss and howls

Debiut FARER w listopadzie

Doom/noise trio FARER from the Netherlands conspire with Tartarus Records and Aesthetic Death to release “Monad”, the band’s first album, on November 20th 2020.

Invisible Oranges is hosting the premiere of "Asulon", the second track of the album. Get mesmerized AT THIS LOCATION!

Nowy kawałek Braincell do odsłuchu

Braincell is a five-piece groove/thrash metal outfit based in Lynchburg, Virginia. With seasoned members coming from a variety of backgrounds, Braincell combines elements of death metal, punk, hardcore, progressive, and traditional heavy metal to offer a unique and powerful blend of full force headbanging madness.

Nowy krążek KRATZER już jutro

German dark hardcore outfit KRATZER will release their new album “...Alles liegt in Scherben” on 29th October 2020 via 7 Degrees Records / 783 Punx.

An advance streaming of the record and a track by track breakdown can be found AT THIS LOCATION thanks to the amazing IDIOTEQ.

Album tracklist:

01. Concrete
02. Staub
03. Hast Du Daraus Gelernt
04. Error 
05. Tunnelblick
06. Kapitulation
07. Freilandhaltung Monokultur
08. Dreck
09. Kranke Welt
10. …Und Alles Liegt In Scherben
11. Blinder Spiegel

Wznowienie PIARA POSESA "Hágase la Oscuridad" końcem października

PIARA POSESA "Hágase la Oscuridad" (+ bonus tracks) CD + Postcard, limited edition to 500 copies

Album title: Hágase la Oscuridad
Format: CD + Postcard 
Country: Perú
Genre: Black/crust/South American extreme metal
Release date: October 31
Limitation: 500 Copies
*Originaly released by Old Cemetery Recs in 2010

Band Members:
Jm “Bacteria”: Vocal
Evil Fukker: Guitars
Bernie Maleficarum: Bass
Felix: Drums

Track list: 

1. Rise of the black messiah
2. The endless night (Welcome to)
3. Hágase la oscuridad
4. Black rain of incinerated corpses
5. Clamor de venganza
6. Condenación
7. Lo abominable
8. La agonía del falso mañana
9. Bienvenido sea el exterminio
10. Maldición de todo lo vivo
11. El orden de tu fe
12. Siervo del caos
13. Perderás lo que amas