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Recenzja Upon the Altar „Demo 2020”

 Upon the Altar

„Demo 2020”

Gruft Produktion 2022

Upon the Altar swoim zeszłorocznym debiutem narobił na krajowym podwórku sporego zamieszania, co zresztą nie dziwi, gdyż Absid ab Ordine Luminis” to  materiał zdecydowanie ponadprzeciętny. By zjadaczom gruzu umilić nieco oczekiwanie na kolejny krążek, panowie, nakładem kultowej Gruft Produktion, serwują dziś taśmę magnetofonową. (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja NATHR / ORDO CULTUM SERPENTIS „Shadows Crawl”


„Shadows Crawl”

Signal Rex 2022

Oto dzięki portugalskiemu labelu Signal Rex, w lutym roku obecnego, światło dzienne ujrzy split dwóch zespołów. Pierwszy z nich to norweski Nathr. Powstały w 2020 roku w Trondheim projekt, po nagraniu w rok później dość ciekawej epki, wraca do nas z prawie dwudziestominutowym numerem. Z czym będziemy obcować po wciśnięciu guziczka „play”? To o potężnym wyrazie satanistyczny funeral doom.  (Czytaj dalej...)

Demówki TREST pod koniec miesiąca na LP


Today, Amor Fati Productions sets January 28th as the international release date for both demos of Germany's Trest on one vinyl LP, hereby titled Ordalium / Chambre Ardente.

Mysterious in name and deed - and, of course, membership - Germany's Trest are nevertheless one of the most fully-formed entities in recent memory. Theirs is a gnawing and ominous form of black metal brewed within the darkest corners of the soul; foundations of old are heralded, while new pyres are being set ablaze. Which is to say that Trest altogether locate that elusive balance between the classic and the contemporary, which is the foremost reason Amor Fati now compiles onto vinyl format their 2019 demo, Ordalium, and its otherwise-unreleased successor, Chambre Ardente.

Granted, Ordalium did not go unnoticed, albeit its obsidian treasures were largely overlooked. With a lyrical conceit focusing on the last-known executions for supposed witchcraft in Scotland, Poland, France, and Denmark, Trest's debut recording sonically approximated those contents with a grim and subtly grandiose style of black metal comparable to Clandestine Blaze, Nåstrond, Cultes des Ghoules, and the late/great Chemin de Haine. But, such as each of Ordalium's five component tracks are titled "Witch," there's indeed a pervasive sense of witchcraft - bewitching black metal, then? - across Trest's overall spectre. The unique inclusion of the follow-up Chambre Ardente recording makes this vinyl LP even more invaluable, expanding as it does their psychic/sonic headspace. Here, the lyrics squarely focus on Marie-Madeleine d'Aubray - better known as Marquise de Brinvilliers - who was executed for murdering her father and two brothers. This case also marked the onset of "l'affaire des poisons," a murder scandal during Louis XIV’s reign that led to several convictions and numerous executions on charges of witchcraft and poisoning. Rising to the occasion, Trest here deliver two comparatively more-epic tracks that evince the same grimy 'n' grueling physicality but with a more pronounced sense of atmosphere. Those Chambre Ardente tracks truly point the way forward for the band, and also heighten expectations for Trest records to come. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Trest (Germany)'s Ordalium / Chambre Ardente

1. 1st Witch: Horne
2. 2nd Witch: Debaraz
3. 3rd Witch: Zdunk
4. 4th Witch: Palles
5. 5th Witch: Gesche
6. Chambre Ardente - Brinvilliers
7. Chambre Ardente - Cour des pois

Debiut HALLUX VALGUS w marcu na vinylu


Today, Edged Circle Productions announces March 25th as the international release date for a worldwide release of Hallux Valgus' striking debut album, Reflections of Distant Dreams, on double-LP vinyl format.

Originally released during the first half of 2021 but only in extremely limited quantities in their native Chile, Hallux ValgusReflections of Distant Dreams displayed the full depth of their daring vision, which had been slowly brewing since the band's formation in 2013. Not for nothing did the album sell out quickly: the power trio of Horrorhammer, Old Ripper, and Spectre perfected an idiosyncratic sound that could be liken to a head-on collision between Cadaver, Running Wild, and early Christian Death. And yet, there's no winking/cloying cleverness about the band's bubbling cauldron of unhinged, unfettered wildness; Hallux Valgus are simply being themselves, and creating tongue-twistingly epic yet impossibly catchy HEAVY METAL dusted with deathrock. We could claim that no one quite sounds like them, but we'll just conservatively say that they sidle alongside labelmates like InculterPhantom FireSepulcherSpeedkiller, and fellow Chileans Demoniac and Sign of Evil. And HOLY SHIT, there's a cat on the cover!

Feeling duty call, to properly excavate this gleaming gem of weirdo metal magick, Edged Circle is honored to release a worldwide edition of Reflections of Distant Dreams. What else is lurking within Hallux Valgus' cauldron? Only time will tell!

In the meantime, stream Reflection of Distant Dreams HERE at Edged Circle's Bandcamp, where the album can be preordered. Aforementioned cover artwork and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Hallux Valgus (Chile)'s Reflections of Distant Dreams
1. Ghastly Fascination
2. Murderous Instinct
3. Sensless Vanity
4. Hot Puke
5. Morbid Ways
6. From the Echoes of a Deadly Chest
7. Crawling are the Dead
8. Disturbed Corpse
9. Atlas, The Hunt
10. Internal Cryptic Gathering

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Recenzja ANCIENT MASTERY „The Chosen One”

„The Chosen One” (EP)
Northern Silence Productions 2021

Ancient Mastery to jeden z wielu projektów rzeźbiącego w czarnej materii, austriackiego jegomościa, niejakiego Erech’a (prócz rzeczonego zespołu tworzy On także Carathis, Golden Blood, Order of Ištar i kilka innych). Wydaje mi się, że Starożytne Mistrzostwo jest ujściem dla najbardziej klimatycznych i epickich, Black Metalowych wizji tej persony, a na poparcie tej tezy wyśmienicie nadaje się wypuszczona przez Northern Silence Productions w listopadzie zeszłego roku EPka „The Chosen One”. (Czytaj dalej ...)

Debiut Golgothan w lutym

Lafayette (LA) - Brutal Death Metal quartet Golgothan will release its full-length debut album, Leech, February 4 on Lacerated Enemy Records. No Clean Singing has premiered the official video for new single "Bottomless Pit," which is available at the following link:

The official visualizer video for the album's first single, "Parent Organism," is available at: youtu.be/Fbp8mmFyTL8

Track Listing:

1. The Rack
2. Leech
3. Teeth To Eat You
5. Gravy Train
6. Bottomless Pit
7. Lard is My Shepherd
8. Winged Death
9. Christian Mingle Killer
10. The Overlord

Debiut DECRAPTED w kwietniu

DECRAPTED is a new Spanish Death Metal band formed by Vicente Payá (UNBOUNDED TERROR, GOLGOTHA, BIS·NTE) on guitar/ bass and Dave Rotten (AVULSED, HOLYCIDE, CHRIST DENIED) on vocals, formed in spring 2021.

Tracklist for "Bloody Rivers of Death" is as follows:

01. Bleeding Devourment
02. Forcefed Human Flesh
03. Cook on the Stake
04. Headless Haunting
05. As the Horror Comes
06. Bloody Cave
07. The Ravenous
08. Meat Truck

Release date for "Bloody Rivers of Death" will be April 5th, 2022 through Xtreem Music on CD, 12"LP & Cassette formats. 

You can listen to the first advance song on the following link:

Recenzja Angerpath „Forgotten World”


„Forgotten World”

Deformeathing Prod. 2022

Dziś, dzięki uprzejmości Defermeathing Production cofamy się do roku 2007-go, kiedy to pierwotnie ukazał się debiutancki, i jedyny, album bielskiego Angerpath. Materiał ten w swoim czasie przeszedł, z tego co zauważyłem, kompletnie niezauważony. Osobiście miałem możliwość się z nim zapoznać zaraz po wydaniu, więc można powiedzieć, że znam go na pamięć.  (Czytaj dalej...)

Album DET EVIGA LEENDET jeszcze w tym miesiącu


Today, Amor Fati Productions sets January 28th as the international release date for Det eviga leendet's highly anticipated second album, Reverence, on CD format. Digital and vinyl LP formats will be released by Mystískaos and Extraconscious Records, with distribution by Dissociative Visions.

Formed in 2015, Det eviga leendet is a gathering of individuals from scattered parts of Sweden and, more recently, the US. Although a discordant group of people, the foundation of the band stems from a collective will to explore concepts of expansive insular gloom. Aptly, the group has taken their name from Pär Lagerkvist's 1920 writing about a large group of dead people who are stuck in the dark with nothing to do besides talk in order to pass eternity.

In 2022, from deep solitude, Det eviga leendet emerges again to conceive of a second record, Reverence, a work which acts more as an abject reflection of the time in which it was conceived than an embodiment of musical expression. Bleak and harsh, the approach further depicts total and infinite descent – one which we all experience, yet must endure alone.

In a time where all manner of charlatans gaze deeply into our eyes, haunting us, whittling away at our vertebrae to make us unfit to live, we look to the stars with a misty gaze, attempting to prophesy about how they are connected to us and our sick time. While we may grow to understand it better, knowing well the darkness that permeates only informs us of what lurks in the hearts of ourselves and others, it cannot cure it.

Since the release of Det eviga leendet’s debut LP, released in 2018 by Fallen Empire, Jacob Buczarski (Mare Cognitum) has joined the band and taken over the vocal duties on the sophomore album.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Retch" HERE at Det eviga leendet's Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Det eviga leendet's Reverence

1. Bloom [3:38]
2. Visage [6:07]
3. Retch [4:31]
4. Estrange [6:55]
5. Regret [5:51]
6. Yield [11:11]

W marcu debiut VALAIS


Signal Rex is proud to present Valais' striking self-titled debut album on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. The CD and tape versions shall be released on March 4th while the vinyl version will follow later this year.

One of the most accomplished newcomers Signal Rex has come across in recent years, the shadowy entity of Valais burst from the voidal womb fully formed in the middle of 2021 with their self-titled debut album. Despite existing in the vast (and vastly inconsistent) wilderness of Bandcamp, Valais in fact imparted a power and poignancy that takes most bands at least a couple records to reach, if at all. Both classically composed and forward-thinking, Valais understood right from the start the core tenets of true black metal, but equally understood how to inject their own personality and poise into such to create something that adds to the language of BLACK METAL rather than mimics its speech patterns (and sloppily so).

No, Valais as a work is a towering monument of tension and release, skillful contours and subtle dynamics, richly malevolent melody and slipstreaming violence. Aesthetic touchstones include the likes of Slidhr, latter-day Leviathan, and even Blut Aus Nord at their wiliest, but Valais also exhibit an understated sense of the pagan - perhaps stemming from their native Ireland, or perhaps from some strange cosmos far beyond our comprehension... Either way, all of this coalesces into a whilrlwinding five-song/37-minute experience that feels far vaster than that succinct runtime otherwise suggests. As such, Signal Rex is honored to rightfully release this tome in all physical formats.

In the meantime, hear the track "III" HERE at Signal Rex's Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Valais' Valais
1. I [9:43]
2. II [1:54]
3. III [9:45]
4. IV [1:43]
5. V [13:46]

debiut Eternal Perdition w lutym


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FERALIA podpisali deal z Time To Kill Records

Time To Kill Records is proud to announce the signing of Italian black metallers FERALIA.
"Under Stige / Over Dianam" will be released via Time To Kill Records in Spring 2022.

Kawałek Depressed Mode do odsłuchu

Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode released a new single Death Walks Among Us. The track is taken from their upcoming third studio album Decade of Silence which is set to be released on May 6th 2022 via Inverse Records.

Listen to Death Walks Among Us single on:

Pre-Order Decade of Silence CD: https://bit.ly/3DNQpE1

Watch a music video of first single Endless November featuring Veronica Bordacchini (Fleshgod Apocalypse) https://youtu.be/Q2K5S-DLBzo

SURVIVE zapowiadają koncertówkę ...

Japanese Thrash Metallers SURVIVE announce first live album

The “Samurais From Hell”, Japanese Thrash Metal veterans SURVIVE in conspiracy with Pest Records announce the imminent release of their first ever live album! After more than 20 years of activity and 7 official studio albums, the four Tokyo based Thrash Metal samurais decided it’s time for a new venture, a live material to display their full power and energy!

“Live At Death Valley” is set to be released via Pest Records this Spring on Jewel-case CD format and will feature 8 tracks plus 4 bonuses.

Here’s a video documentary about SURVIVE that proves the band’s strength and dedication and gives a clear idea on the band’s energy during live performances:

History Of SURVIVE Episode 1 – Early Days (English subtitles): https://youtu.be/zctgJMwdCZ0

History Of SURVIVE Episode 2 – Turning Point (English subtitles): https://youtu.be/x_Ev52d-3_w

History Of SURVIVE Episode 3 – HUMAN MISERY (English subtitles): https://youtu.be/64RBS4AdMwU


Track list:
01. Degenerate
02. Wrath
03. Fuck Against Authority
04. Obey Your Own Army Corps
05. Rules Of Lies
06. Immortal Warriors
07. Human Misery
08. The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will

+ bonus tracks from EP ‘The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will‘:
1. The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will (Featuring Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan/Venom Inc)
2. Rules Of Lies (Orchestra Ver)
3. Seize The Victory
4. The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will (Live@Club Citta Metallization Festival 2020)

“Przebudzenie Tyranów 2022”: Vader ogłasza ogólnopolską trasę!

Left Hand Sounds, Knock Out Productions oraz Massive Music zapraszają na koncerty legendy polskiego death metalu – zespołu Vader.

VADER + supports (wkrótce!)

17 II 22 Wrocław, A2
18 II 22 Warszawa, Progresja
19 II 22 Kraków, Hype Park
20 II 22 Katowice, P23
22 II 22 Gdańsk, B90
23 II 22 Szczecin, Kosmos
24 II 22 Poznań, U Bazyla
25 II 22 Łódź, Scenografia
26 II 22 Skarżysko Kamienna, Semafor
27 II 22 Bydgoszcz, Fabryka Lloyda

Bilety będą dostępne w sprzedaży już piątku (14 stycznia), od godziny 10:00.

I pula – 90 zł – przedsprzedaż do dnia poprzedzającego dany koncert w: Knock Out Music Store oraz w sieciach Ticketos i eBilet
II pula – 100 zł – w dniu koncertu

Wszystkie bilety elektroniczne będzie można wymienić na druki kolekcjonerskie przy wejściu na koncert.

Kawałek OvDeth do odsłuchu

Helsinki based OvDeth's second single from the upcoming Mortal Burden EP is Dark and Melancholic Death Metal. The song mingles on the frontiers of epicness and craving, where loneliness and megalomania coexist.

Listen to "Saturn Devoured":

Mortal Burden will be released on the 4th of February.

Krążek FINAL CRY w marcu

FINAL CRY: "The Ever-Rest" will be released on 18 March!

With their mountaineering epic "The Ever-Rest", the Lower Saxons from Final Cry are preparing to release an absolute highlight of their musical output to date. 

// The Ever-Rest Album Teaser //

Recenzja Kły „Cienie”



Pagan Rec. 2021

No to nam Kły zrobiły niemałą niespodziankę. Jeszcze nie wszyscy zdążyli zapoznać się z tegorocznym „Chen” a tu już mamy część drugą konceptu. Mnie to cieszy jak niedopitego znalezienie w lodówce ostatniego, mocnego browara. I trochę się tylko dziwię, że zespół nie zdecydował się na wydanie obu płyt pod jednym tytułem, gdyż doskonale się one według mnie uzupełniają.  (Czytaj dalej...)

Kawałek PILLAGING VILLAGERS do odsłuchu

Milwaukee (WI) - Crossover Thrash/Folk Metal newcomers PILLAGING VILLAGERS will release their self-titled debut album on March 11.

The album's first single, "Wretched of the Earth," is available to stream at:


Track Listing:
2. We Remember
3. The Count
4. The Bishop
5. The Emperor
6. The Crisis
7. Voices in the Sky
8. Burn the Monastery
9. Smash the Factory
10. Ready to Die
11. Crush the Enemy
12. Freedom is Ours

Nowy kawałek INSURRECTION w sieci

New INSURRECTION live video online now!
A live video of this track is online on YouTube now:

Kawałek Hautajaisyö do odsłuchu

Finnish Death metal band Hautajaisyö is set to release their fourth studio album "Ei Hauta Kysy Lupaa" later in 2022 via Inverse Records. 

Listen to the single:​

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Recenzja War “Ex Tenebris Nasceris ut Deleas”


“Ex Tenebris Nasceris ut Deleas”

Under the Sign of Garazel 2021

Muszę przyznać, że cieszy mnie ostatnio ten sezon na reedycje. Wiele pozycji, które swego czasu mi uciekło sprzed nosa, przeszło bokiem lub po prostu nie starczyło na nie zasobów w portfelu, ukazuje się ponownie w bardzo przystępnej cenie. Jednym z takich wydawnictw jest drugi album rodzimego War. (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja HYPNOSIA „Extreme Hatred”


„Extreme Hatred” (Re-Issue)

Petrichor Records2021

Wiele ciekawych płyt zostało w minionym już Anno Bastardi 2021 wyciągniętych z niebytu i wznowionych ku uciesze fanów metalowego łomotu. Bardzo raduje mnie fakt, że wśród tych albumów znalazła się jedyna pełna płyta szwedzkiego zespołu Hypnosia (mowa oczywiście o niszczącej obiekty „Extreme Hatred”). (Czytaj dalej...)

Recenzja VAMPIRSKA „Vermilion Apparitions Frozen In Chimera Twilight”


„Vermilion Apparitions Frozen In Chimera Twilight”

Inferna Profundus Records 2022

No i mamy kolejnego przedstawiciela organizacji z Południowej Ameryki, która zaraz będzie niczym Legion. Jednak tym razem jest to projekt pochodzący z USA. Tylko z jakiej paki oni go tam wpuścili? Pewnie się nie dowiem i w sumie w dupie to mam. Co Vampirska gra zapytacie. Ano raw black metal. Czyli już wiecie. (Czytaj dalej...)

W marcu debiut GRAND HARVEST


Today, Messor Grandis Productions announces March 25th as the international release date for Grand Harvest's highly anticipated debut album, Consummatum Est.

Consummatum Est contains nine tracks of versatile-yet-focused metal music. Moving freely between the borders of death metal, doom metal, and black metal, the band focuses on portaying atmospheric and ethereal sonic landscapes that, together with the lyrics, will summon emotions and profound thoughts to the mind of the listener. Pay extra attention to the esoteric aspects of the lyrics, which perfectly blend with the music and present the different vocal styles - and Luciferian/misanthropic mindset - of singer and lyricist Dr. Häll. 

Once called "Sweden's most underrated metal band" by the editor of Sweden Rock magazine, Grand Harvest show themselves worthy of further attention. The heavy riffs, the soaring melodies, and the sinister vocals on this debut album will convince you of that. 

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Fatehammer" HERE at Grand Harvest's Bandcamp, where the album can also be preordered. Cover artwork, courtesy of Misanthropic-Art, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Grand Harvest's Consummatum Est
1. Sol Maledictor
2. The Harrow
3. No Paler a Horse
4. As the Vultures Descend
5. Crowns to Ashes - Thrones to Dust
6. My Desolate Sea
7. Fatehammer
8. In Memoriam - Magnus Invictus
9. Consummatum Est

Trzeci krążek MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI pod koniec marca


Today, Iron Bonehead Productions announces March 25th as the international release date for Mortuus Infradaemoni's long-awaited third album, Inmortuos Sum, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Mortuus Infradaemoni are a duo hailing from Germany. Both members - Profanatitas (drums, bass, vocals) and Nathaniel (guitar, vocals) - played at various time, in the darkest past, with the legendary Lunar Aurora. Mortuus Infradaemoni recorded an unpublished rehearsal demo in 2005 and then followed with two albums, 2007's Daemon Qui Fecit Terram and 2009's Imis Avernis, on the cult Cold Dimensions label before fading into blissful nothingness...

As if the past decade - or, more accurately, past decades - of black metal hadn't happen, Mortuus Infradaemoni return with a surprise full-length to transport the faithful back to the mid '90s. Indeed, the fire burning across this third album is quintessentially 1994 in sound and aspect - truly, contemporaneous Darkthrone and especially Gorgoroth's early work looms large here - but the duo evince an unsettling weirdness here that's thankfully never belabored. Ghoulish and gurgling sounds seemingly come from every direction, with songs surging and then disintegrating at will, all before righteously headbanging parts crop up and then also disappear like vapor. Above all, the razor-wire attack is thoroughly and threateningly BLACK METAL in its original, olde-worlde incarnation - unorthodoxy is celebrated, and the madcap artistry is almost incidental. But make no mistake: steeped in the ancient Mortuus Infradaemoni may be, Inmortuos Sum is not an exercise in trite retro posturing; this is the work of revitalized deviants, dragged into the present. Those around "back in the day" will understand...

Topping an hour in duration, Inmortuous Sum is Mortuus Infradaemoni's long-brewing nightmare made manifest.

Begin witnessing that nightmare with the brand-new track "Ossuarium of the Black Earth" HERE at Iron Bonehead's Soundcloud. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Mortuus Infradaemoni's Inmortuos Sum
1. Insepultus
2. Madness Rides With The Star-Winds
3. Omne Vitae In Tenebras Mergit
4. Abhominog
5. Ossuarium Of The Black Earth
6. Der Todten Tantz
7. Burning Time And Space
8. Inmortuos Sum