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Moribund Records Reveals Official Cover Art and Track Listing for the Upcoming Full Length Album from PROFEZIA: "Dodekaprofeton" !

Profezia is an impeccable line-up of Black Metal Masters, such as founding member Kvasir (Abhor, Mourning Mist), Saevum (Abhor), and Marco (Opera IX, The True Endless, Skoll, Darkness). "Dodekaprofeton" also features session contributions by members of  Angantyr, Woods of Infinity, Mortuary Drape and The Magik Way! The Moribund Cult is honored to present this final vocal performance by Marco De Rosa.

The skillful use of modern and classical instruments is bolstered by illustrious song writing, making Profezia an excellent study in the ways of Cult Italian Black Metal! These maestros, bound by Occult Mysticism and Melodic Mayhem, invoke "Dodekaprofeton"!

Seven NEW glorious Satanic hymns to defy christian morality! 
Release date to be announced soon!
Cover art and Track Listing are to be as follows:
 Track listing:
1. Malachi
2. Nahum
3. Amos
4. Obadiah
5. Jonah
6. Zechariah
7. Zephaniah

PROFEZIA "Obadiah"
From the upcoming release

“ PROFEZIA creates an asphyxiating atmopshere of darkness that brings you right back to the glory-days of Black Metal in the '90s. No copycat or retro-band,
PROFEZIA simply perform genuine Black Metal.
With a heavy synth-based backing to the music the atmosphere created  is dark, evil and mournful-
the way it was ment to be! 

- K. Tiller (Celestial Bloodshed, Nachash, Apocalyptic Empire Records)

Old Temple prezentuje

"Disorder Deconstructed"

Digipack 2 CD !

Unikalne wydawnictwo jakiego nie było na rodzimej scenie. Kompilacja dwóch CD z autorskimi wersjami utworów z bardzo dobrze przyjętej debiutanckiej płyty Whalesong. Disorder Deconstructed to ponad dwie godziny rozmaitych mrocznych i eksperymentalnych dźwięków zaprezentowanych przez znakomitych twórców. Wśród nich m.in. Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, ex-Minsk), Submerged (The Blood of Heroes, Have Demons), Luke Lund (Have Demons, Ropes of Maui), Miro Snejdr (Herr Lounge Corps, Death in June) czy TROUM. Do tego także wielu znamienitych polskich muzyków, a wśród nich Mussorgski, MOAN, Shocker (Iperyt), Horologium, Synapsis, Lugola, Dancing Deadlips czy Grave of Love. Album uzupełniają remixy przygotowane przez sam zespół.
Unique deconstruction album. Double CD with remixes of songs from well-acclaimed Whalesong debut album. Disorder Deconstructed gathers more than 2 hours of dark and experimental sounds from such artists: Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, ex-Minsk), Submerged (The Blood of Heroes, Have Demons), Luke Lund (Have Demons, Ropes of Maui), Miro Snejdr (Herr Lounge Corps, Death in June) and TROUM. Furthermore, a lot of artists from Poland decided to deconstruct Whalesong tracks: Mussorgski, MOAN, Shocker (Iperyt), Horologium, Synapsis, Lugola, Dancing Deadlips and Grave of Love. Finally also band itself decided to prepare some new mixes of their songs.


Complete running order revealed!
The third edition of Black Silesia III, Poland's biggest old schoolmetal festival becomes a two - day Open Air Festival. The event will take place in Byczyna's medieval wooden Castle (on June 8th and 9th 2018).

The first day's headliners are the Gods Of War and originators of WarBlack Metal – BLASPHEMY, who after nearly 35 years of existence, will come straight from Canada to play their first and exclusive show in Poland.

On the same day the stage will be hit by the NWOBHM legend and authors of one of the genre's foundations – the cult classic „Court in the Act” - SATAN.

Second day will be headlined by the of black/thrash legend and pure evil itself – NIFELHEIM, who – after hours of negotiations agreed to play their one and only concert in in our country as well.
We are extremely proud that those legends agreed to perform in Poland for the first time at Black Silesia Festival exclusively.

Confirmed bands:
Blasphemy (CAN), Nifelheim (SWE), Satan (UK), Nocturnal (D), Plaga (PL),Witchmaster (PL), Attic (D), Anima Damnata (PL), Throneum (PL),Terrorhammer (SRB), Hellfire Deathcult (USA), Goath (D), Evil Warriors (D), Blackevil (D), Embrional (PL), Offence (PL), Brudny Skurwiel (PL),
Roadhog (PL), Devilpriest (PL), Gallower (PL)

More info:


Useful informations:
1. The camping by the festival area is free – it's in the woods, under the trees, so there's plenty of shade in it. You can enter the camping site with a motorcycle or a small car, but at some point the entrance to the camping area will be closed and the traffic will be redirected to a nearby parking lot.
2. There's a parking lot for 500 cars near the festival area. Unguarded and free of charge.
3. There will be cold water taps.
4. There will be a wash/shower container at the festival area. The cost of the shower pass is 20 PLN / 5 € for the whole festival. You can buyit at the ticket stand.
5. The security and monitoring will be provided by a professional security agency.
6. There will be a medical patrol at the festival ground.
7. There is a restaurant at the Gród with a large selection of foods. The restaurant will be open during all the concerts, also one hour before and after concerts.
8. The beer at the festival will be provided by Namysłów brewery. 

9. Card payment is not possible at the restaurant, only cash. There's also no ATM at the festival area.
10. There will be a festival shuttle which can take You to restaurants, shops or ATMs in Byczyna (or Kluczbork) during the festival. Just give them a call: +48 663 631 877. The cost is 9 PLN for one trip.
11. The tickets will be available at the door.

It is possible to get to Byczyna by train - the best way is to get to Kluczbork and then call the festival shuttle.

Remember about the possibility of booking seats in the festival shuttle (9 PLN for one trip) from the railway station in Kluczbork or Byczyna (contact: +48 663 631 877 ).

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Nowe wzory koszulek Moloch Letalis ... mniam!

I te "stare" też ... mniam!

Pierwszy singiel Tragacanth z nadchodzącej płyty

Tragacanth reveal first single from The Journey of a Man

Dutch Technical Black Death Metal ensemble Tragacanth reveal Death: Journey’s End, the first single taken off the band’s upcoming album, The Journey of a Man, scheduled for a July 15th release via Pest Records, a Loud Rage Music chapter:

Here’s what the band had to say about the upcoming album:
“It’s no secret our upcoming album “Journey of a Man” is a personal one. From the mystical, enigmatic Far East covered in “Anthology of the East”, this time we travel to Ancient Greek times where a young man finds out he is to perish soon. Wandering the complex maze of emotions and disease running through his veins, “Journey of a Man” tells the tale of his downward spiral into the abyss. With Moirai awaiting his final demise, a mind crippled with melancholy and his body traveling down the river Styx, his spirit is finally released. The final song of the album “Death: Journey’s End” serves as his requiem.”

Tragacanth also recently revealed the album teaser for The Journey of a Man:


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Destroying Texas Fest 14

Last Nightmare Proudly Presents, the 14th edition of the yearly event Destroying Texas Fest, hosted in Houston Texas at the BFE Club (11528 Jones Road Houston Texas 77070).

Video Hyperion z koncertu

Swedish Melodic Black metallers Hyperion unleashes live video of new song Perennial Transcendence recorded in Budapest S8 Underground club May 2018  

  Hyperion are gearing up for their new album with hope to have it done  next year,
following the success of  Seraphical  Euphony selling nearly 2000 units worldwide and two European tours in 2017 and 2018 the band now presents a live recording of their new track "Perennial Transcendence" recorded in Budapest S8 Underground club May 2018 the song is taken from their yet new untitled album that is currently being crafted , according to the their axeman Erik molnar the band hopes to start the recording process late 2018 a lot of material is written but its while left until Hyperion will release their new album.

Meanwhile fans can enjoy this little track as a taste maker.

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De profundis dołącza do The TotenRitual Crusade 2018

De Profundis will be joining the Totenritual Crusade 2018 tour, travelling through Europe with Belphegor and Melechesh – a package to strike fear into the hearts of good Christian folk wherever they may be hiding.
This fearsome black trinity will be bringing chaos and flames to...

21.06.2018 CH St Maurice Le Manoir
22.06.2018 CH Winterthur Gaswerk
23.06.2018 ITA San Dona di Piave Revolver
24.06.2018 ITA Rome Traffic
25.06.2018 ITA Paderno Dugnano (MI) Slaughter Club
27.06.2018 HUN Budapest Blue Hell
28.06.2018 SK Bratislava Randal
29.06.2018 POL Katowice Mega Club
30.06.2018 POL Poznań U Bazyla

De Profundis have also been adding to their list of festival appearances. Having been confirmed for Bloodstock Open Air in Derbyshire, UK August 9th – 12th 

the band have now added appearances at the following events...

26.05.2018 UK Gravesend RED ROAR FESTIVAL (Headliners)

27.05.2018 UK Leicester UPRISING: THE AFTERMATH (Headliners)

14.09.2018 UK Trowbridge FIRE & FORGE FESTIVAL


LYKHAEON Reveals New EP Details

Chthonic sounds of torment from below are about to devastate your senses again as LYKHAEON, the three-piece black metal act from Switzerland, are about to have their EP titled Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls released on June 1, 2018 through Godz Ov War Productions

This time, LYKHAEON, a band affiliated with the Helvetic Underground Committee, have recorded only two tracks, but nearly half an hour of murky and ghastly, cavernous and crushing black metal, all wrapped up in excellent cover art by S.

01.Chthonios I
02.Chthonios II

S. - Incandescent Strings and Calamity
I. - Unearthly Tomb
K. - Chthonic Howls and Doom

Preorder and online streaming available on the label's website:

TRUCHŁO STRZYGI Reveals Debut Album Details

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Pora Umierać - a debut full-length album from the Poland's old school black'n'heavy metallers TRUCHŁO STRZYGI.

The commando, comprising still pretty young yet experienced musicians, have delivered 40 plus minutes of uncompromising and relentless, aggressive yet pretty melodic (the good way) black heavy metal with a punky vibe, drawing on the masterpieces of the old gods!

Eight tracks recorded at Bestial Sound Studio and Na Batorego, in collaboration with Golgotha Studio, mixed by Tomasz W. and P., and mastered by Tomasz W., will be released on CD pn June 1, 2018. Artworks by Julia Yousif.

01.Apokaliptyczny Młot (Obliteracja Poprzez Życie)
02.Sadystyczny Masowy Mord
03.Płonie Czarna Zorza
04.Świat Pędzi ku Przestrodze (Pradawne Demony)
05.Śmierć i Płomień
06.Busola do Nikąd
07.Jestem (Żyję, Gniję, Umieram)
08.Stary Kult Śmierci (Ozłocone Truchło)

Gambit - vocals
P. - guitas, bass, vocals
Alkatraz - guitars, keys
Kaczor - drums

Preorder and online streaming available on the label's website:

Info od Enraged

Nowe video holenderskiego Enraged do kawałka "Global Conspiracy / Invisible Oppressors" z nadchodzącego albumu już do obejrzenia ... na youtube albo poniżej.

Gościnnie na płycie pojawią się James Murphy (Obituary, Death, Testament), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death), Christofer Malmstrom (Darkane), Jens Van der Valk (God Dethroned, Autumn) i Jos Hindriks (Disintegrate). 
Holland based deathmetal band comes up with a brandnew video for ‘Global Conspiracy / Invisible Oppressors’, taken from the album ‘It’s Your Fear That Feeds Their Power’. A teaser for this upcoming video is now online on youtube.

This album features guest appearances by James Murphy (Obituary, Death, Testament), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death), Christofer Malmstrom (Darkane), Jens Van der Valk (God Dethroned, Autumn) and Jos Hindriks (Disintegrate). ‘It’s Your Fear..’ was mixed by Jochem Jacobs (Textures).
Keep an eye on their official website for updates: www.enraged.nl

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Solstice, Mourning Beloveth, Death the Leveller, On The Rox, Dublin 8/12/2018

Oraculum, Malthusian, Coscradh and Vircolac

Invictus XIX Anniversary Show

Possession, Inconcessus Lux Lucis and Coscradh
Saturday June 30th, On The Rox. Doors 7 pm, adm €15

Gospel of the Horns 3 cassette box set €24.99

Featuring Eve of the Conqueror, 
Ceremonial Conjuration, 
A Call to Arms and Realm of the Damned. 
Negative Plane Et in Seacula Saeculorum cassette, 
Stained Glass Revelations cassette, 
Demonomancy 'Poisoned Atonement' cassette 
Antiversum 'Cosmos Comedenti' cassette 

Demo SEKTARISM na winylu

SEKTARISM is an underground French project worthy of interest which, after an EP in 2008, continues its work with a tape limited to 99 copies named "Hosanna Sathana" released in 2011, then CD in 2015.
Today this first demo is published for the first time in vinyl limited to 296 handnumbered copies (yes there are people who appreciate and buy vinyls!)

Listen :

Buy it :

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XXV Lat Chaosu

05.09.2018 Vader, Marduk + goście
Łódź, Magnetofon

5.09.2018 - środa

VADER świętuje 25 lecie od wydania debiutanckiej płyty „The Ultimate Incantation”! Płyta ujrzała światło dzienne 16 listopada 1992 roku, dzięki legendarnej wówczas angielskiej wytwórni Earache Rec. Kilka miesięcy później VADER wyruszył na swoją pierwszą trasę za zachodnią granicę u boku Bolt Thrower i Grave. Po olbrzymim zainteresowaniu naszymi grudniowymi koncertami (w tym kilka wyprzedanych) pragniemy przedstawić tę płytę w całości ponownie na serii koncertów klubowych!

MARDUK - gość specjalny na tej trasie. Synonim black metalu, prawie 30 lat na scenie i ani chwili spadku formy, bezkompromisowa maszyna do zabijania, koncertowa pierwsza liga. Morgan Håkansson swoją machinę wojenną prowadzi z precyzją godną podziwu. Wielokrotne zmiany składu nigdy nie zachwiały jego wizji i gdy kolejne skandynawskie kapele powstałe w latach 90. zawieszały działalność, podążały w niezrozumiałe rejony i prędzej czy później spuszczały z tonu, Marduk uparcie, nieprzerwanie i z wielką determinacją parł do przodu. Zespół będzie promował swoją najnowszą płytę, pt. „Viktoria”, która zostanie wydana 22 czerwca!

Wejście: 18.30
Start koncertu: 19:00

Cena biletu:
70 zł - przedsprzedaż w systemach eventim i ticketmaster
80 zł - w dniu koncertu

Informacje o kolejnych zespołach oraz o biletach kolekcjonerskich już wkrótce!

I kolejny gig w Magnetofonie

 27.07.2018 Antigama, Nuclear Vomit, 
Feto In Fetus, LikanTropiA

Antigama - jeden z najważniejszych przedstawicieli polskiego grindu. Zespół, który wyznacza standardy ekstremy, nie oglądając się na jakiekolwiek ograniczenia gatunkowe. Ich żywiołowe koncerty są wydarzeniami, na które się czeka i o których się długo dyskutuje. Obecnie zespół promuje ubiegłoroczną EPkę "Depressant".


Nuclear Vomit - zespół, który z nieludzką prędkością zadaje death-grindowe ciosy, dodając do nich brutalne, patologiczne teksty. Ostatnim materiałem kapeli jest wydany w 2015 r. pełny album "Chlew".


FETO IN FETUS - czołówka polskiego death-grindu. Kapela, która bezlitośnie miażdży śmiałków zarówno muzycznie, jak i tekstowo. W bieżącym roku ukazał się ich najnowszy pełny album pt. "From Blessing To Violence".


LikanTropiA - deathmetalowa załoga, która w tym roku wydała swój pierwszy pełny album "Beyond the Beginning". Chłopaki nie boją się swoją wizję death metalu wzbogacać o blackowe elementy.


Bilety dostępne na http://klubmagnetofon.8merch.com/services/store

30 zł (do 15 lipca włącznie)
40 zł (później)