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Nowy album ESKHATON już jest.


Kult of Bloody Rites i Father of Obscurity anonsują wspólne wydawnictwo.
EPka na taśmie: MARTELO INTOLERANTE "Intolerante Trono do Ódio".
Bluźnierczy Black Metal.
Em breve novo ataque:
KULT024-MARTELO INTOLERANTE-Intolerante Trono do Ódio
Blasfemo e ódioso Metal Negro. EP em tape. Pacto maligno entre os selos Kult of Bloody Rites 
e Father of Obscurity

niedziela, 29 lipca 2018


The first album from the promising Ohio Black Death Metal act PATH OF DAMNATION has been released properly by Castle Dungeon Records. 8 original songs of Lovecraftian Thrashing Black Death with an evil psychedelic atmosphere and ripping guitar solos. Professionally mixed and mastered at Alchemy Lab Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. It would be a crime if this gem of the 2018 Extreme Metal Underground weren't properly packaged and released, and so it has been done!

CD version comes in a six panel digisleeve with a six page booklet, limited to 300 copies. $8 + shipping depending on location. Wholesale prices available.


Back in the ‘90s thrash metal was on its last legs, hearts and minds turning away from its high energy approach and crisp, crunching riffs. The old bands were slipping from the magazine covers, back into the shadows and even the gods of the scene were struggling and second guessing themselves. It was into this environment that Rich Sherrington launched his new band, Solitary – a pure, heads-down thrash metal unit. The scene might be trying to dictate otherwise, but as far as Rich was concerned thrash metal was never going to die.

In 1998 the first Solitary album was released on Holier Than Thou Records and against all the odds, Nothing Changes was greeted with cautious approval from the metal press. Even major magazines like Terrorizer couldn’t deny the power and potency that this new band, flying in the face of public opinion, had achieved. Buoyed by the positive reaction to their debut Solitary hit the road and began a relentless touring schedule around the UK which continues to this day. Subsequent albums like Requiem and The Diseased Heart Of Society have cemented Solitary’s position at the top of the UK thrash scene and while their music has become, in the words of Zero Tolerance Magazine, a ‘finely honed weapon of thrash destruction’, nothing has changed when it comes to their fierce determination and total dedication to thrash
Now, twenty years on from its original release, with the backing of new label Doc Records, Solitary have revisited the album that announced their arrival on the battlefield. Nothing Changes has returned with new artwork, a host of bonus tracks drawn from their early demos and just a little injection of modern studio wizardry. Sounding heavier and more aggressive than ever before this is one battle scarred veteran that has lost none of his venom and fighting spirit. In a nod to the past this special 20th Anniversary edition of Nothing Changes will only be available on CD, not on any digital platform, so pick up a copy while they’re around or miss out forever. Celebrate the true spirit of thrash, raise a glass to the unbowed and unbroken and pledge your allegiance to the band that promised to thrash forever.

Trzy letnie uderzenia


Combining frightening technical ability and velocity with the crimson hued temptations of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser mythos and the bludgeoning ambition and bleak visions of Cannibal Corpse’s Gallery Of Suicide, Abhorrent Deformity are taking brutal death metal to a new charnel house of nightmares with their second album, Slaughter Monolith. Released through Comatose Music on August 3rd, this album is a staggering edifice of magnificent horror, a haunted dreamscape, a place of shadows and terror that you’d wade through blood to revisit.

For more information on Abhorrent Deformity click here 

On August 17th Comatose will unlock the cage and send Kill Everything’s debut out into the world, a pitiless predator with no aim but total, wanton destruction. Featuring two of the founding members of legendary gore monsters Devourment and two men from the ranks of the punishing Primordius, Kill Everything offer not the slightest suspicion of mercy. Bleak, terrifying and devoid of humanity, Kill Everything are a band for devotees of the ultimate in extremity. Scorched Earth is an album of unfathomable brutality and shocking intensity - Kill Everything are coming. Be prepared for thermal liquidation!

For more information on Kill Everything click here

On June 22nd Consecration released a vast digital anthology entitled Remembrance, which unlocked the vault and allowed the light to fall upon their incredible canon of work to date. Eight years of morbid incantations and melancholy summoning unleashed, from the black thunder of the unforgiving Gut The Priest EP, to the bleak majesty of the Ephemerality album, with a host of additional material haunting the spaces in between. This is Consecration’s first eight years of recorded material in its entirety, a fully restored and remastered digital compendium of their psalms of sorrow and cursed litanies of loss. The gates of the crypt are open and the spirits of Consecration are at large.
Remembrance is available exclusively at https://consecration666.bandcamp.com/  

Find out more about Consecration here 


We have very last additions to our line up. Hope you would check them out at the festival area! 
Any preferable genres?

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Debiut Vorus jeszcze w tym miesiącu

VORUS debut full lenght album "The Wretched Path" is coming out in CD 
format via Detonation Recs.
This death metal release will be out in July 2018!!

VORUS (latin), I Devour (english)
Conceived in 2017, as solo project by an old Banger and American Death Metal musician relocated to Romania. Uriel (Ex-Morbicus, ex-Gutwrench, ex-Rotting Away, Necrorite, Cryptic Realms, etc) As a solo project Vorus recorded the "Chamber of Laments" Demo in August, 2017 then released in tape by Death in Pieces Records in October 2017.
In September 2017, Uriel's wife Corina (Romanian 90's metal bass player ex-Deimos, ex-Atys) became part of the band permanently. As duo Vorus recorded in November/December 2017 the debut full lenght Album "The Wretched Path" coming out soon in tape format (April, 2018) through Death in Pieces Records and Macabre End Productions.

Poison (Ger), Obscurity (Swe), Master, Terminal Death, Devastation (Chi), BloodSpill, Necrovore, Rigor Mortis, Sarcofago, Pentagram (Chl), Mortuary (Mx)

- Chamber of Laments. MC Demo. Death in Pieces Records, 2017
- The Wretched Path. MC Album Death in Pieces Records/ Macabre End Productions, 2018

VORUS are :

Uriel - Vocals/ Guitars/ Drums
Corina - Bass Guitar 

Antimatter z nową płytą na pięciu koncertach w Polsce!

Po wakacjach tego roku światło dzienne ujrzy ‚Black Market Enlightenment’ – siódmy studyjny album angielskiej formacji Antimatter, której fanom progressive, darkwave i art rocka w Polsce nie trzeba przedstawiać.
Po premierze płyty, w listopadzie, zespół wyrusza w trasę – Black Market Tour, promującą nowe wydawnictwo. Antimatter nie ominie również Polski i zagra u nas pięć koncertów.
Left Hand Sounds zaprasza na koncert w Poznaniu
14.11. Klub U Bazyla, Poznań
wejście od 19:00
start: 20:00
55zł (przedsprzedaż w sieci Eventim, sklepie Rock Long Luck i na lefthandsounds.org/bilety) 
65zł (w dniu koncertu)
Na koncertach, klasyczny elektryczny show Antimatter wzbogaci setlista składająca się głównie z nowych utworów. Mick Moss, wokalista i gitarzysta Antimatter, który jest siłą napędową zespołu od ponad 20 lat, podkreśla, że ‚Black Market Enlightenment’ jest bardzo osobistym albumem, który opowiada historię uzależnienia od narkotyków i towarzyszącej nałogowi psychozy. Według obietnic Mossa będzie to też najbardziej progresywny album formacji jak dotąd.
Organizatorami koncertów są Iron Realm Productions, Left Hand Sounds i Protokultura.

Pełna rozpiska polskiej trasy Antimatter:
13 listopada – Gdańsk, Protokultura
14 listopada – Poznań, U Bazyla
16 listopada – Wrocław, Liverpool
17 listopada – Warszawa, Hydrozagadka
18 listopada – Kraków, Zaścianek

Podwójny winyl Aida i koszul już dostępny

Alda - Passage 2LP and shirt design, NOW AVAILABLE!
The time has finally arrived for the highly anticipated and severely delayed LP treatment for Alda's fantastic 3 full length release, Passage. 

And it has been worth the wait, for this lush gatefold presentation along with a 12 page booklet and red opaque vinyl, turned out fantastic.

All pre-orders shipped weeks ago. Thank you one and all for your patience!

If you live overseas, be sure to check out Eisenwald's website, for they co-released this gem as well for those of you not wanting to pay horrendous shipping costs!

Also check out the site to secure yourself a beautifully designed Coyote shirt that Alda sold on their recent European tour. 

Nowy kawałek ORDINUL NEGRU

ORDINUL NEGRU reveal new track and pre-orders for Faustian Nights

Romanian Black Metal group ORDINUL NEGRU are ready to release their eight studio album, Faustian Nights, on the 30th of July in collaboration with Loud Rage Music. The new album follows an extremely well received Sorcery of Darkness released three years ago, and features 8 new tracks for a total playing time of 47 minutes. The new material is made of shorter and more dynamic tracks and is definitely the best effort from Ordinul Negru.

Faustian Nights is now available for pre-order here:

- jewel-case CD with 16 pages booklet and slipcase: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-faustian-nights

- limited edition jewel-case CD with 16 pages booklet and slipcase, plus 4 custom tarot cards: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-faustian-nights-limited

- digital: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/ordinul-negru-faustian-nights

Beside the recently released official video for the track Killing Tristan (available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_vpRZFvj2A), the band has unveiled a new track off Faustian Nights, Oculta Kormos, now available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWbyzEK1VjM


O noua piesa si pre-comenzi pentru noul album ORDINUL NEGRU


 Trupa timisoreana de Black Metal ORDINUL NEGRU se afla pe ultima suta de metri pana la lansarea noului album, Faustian Nights, care se va produce pe data de 30 Iulie prin intermediul Loud Rage Music, urmand ca acesta sa fie lansat si prezentat live prin aparitia trupei in cadrul Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Vineri, 3 August.

Noul album il urmeaza la distanta de trei ani pe precedentul, Sorcery of Darkness, care a avut parte de o receptie deosenita atat din partea presei de specialitate, cat si a fanilor, si contine 8 piese cu o durata totala de 47 de minute. Noul material este compus din piese mai scurte si mai dinamice decat precedentele si este fara indoiala cel mai bun din cariera de 14 ani a trupei.

Faustian Nights este disponibil pentru pre-comenzi aici:

- varianta CD: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-faustian-nights

- varianta CD editie limitata (cu 4 carti de tarot): http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-faustian-nights-limited

- varianta digitala: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/ordinul-negru-faustian-nights

Dupa ce au lansat primul videoclip oficial pentru o piesa extrasa de pe Faustian Nights, Killing Tristan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_vpRZFvj2A), Ordinul Negru propun acum o noua piesa, Oculta Kormos, disponibila aici: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWbyzEK1VjM

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Rozpiska czasowa 23 Brutal Assault

Many of you have been asking for a presice time schedule. Finaly here we go!


Nowe wydawnictwo od Old Temple/ New release from Old Temple


  Old Temple prezentuje pierwszy w historii legendarnego PANDEMONIUM box kasetowy. W skład zestawu wchodzą cztery kasety :
1. Devilri + reh 91 pierwszy raz razem na taśmie
2. The Ancient Catatonia pierwszy raz w pełnej wersji dziesięciu utworów
3. Misanthropy pierwszy raz na taśmie
4. Nihilist pierwszy raz na taśmie
Wszystkie kasety umieszczone w dodatkowym eleganckim pudełku. Wydawnictwo limitowane do 66 ręcznie numerowanych kopii.

 Old Temple presents first in the history of legendary PANDEMONIUM cassette box. Set includes four cassettes:
1. Devilri + reh 91 first time on tape
2. The Ancient Catatonia first time in full version of ten songs
3. Misanthropy first time on tape
4. Nihilist first time on tape
All cassettes closed in an extra elegant box. Limited edition to 66 hand numbered copies.


Debut release out soon ! PRE-ORDER now !


We're thrilled to officially announce the FIRST band to join the BLEED Records roster !
They're named MASSIVE OBLITERATION, hailing from Northern France, including members of well-known and respected acts like MASS GRAVE, INFAMY, CHILDREN OF DOOM, EVISCERATION and they deliver intense old-school DEATH-METAL/GRIND-CORE in the veins of REPULSION, TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH, NAUSEA !

Left Hand Sounds zaprasza na koncerty:

Dwa tytuły z Moribund Records w sierpniu

MORIBUND RECORDS presents VARDAN "Unholy Lightless Summer" & PROFEZIA "Dodekaprofeton" hit streets worldwide, August 10th, 2018!:

VARDAN exquisitely executes his unique vision as Italy’s most prolific artist with "Unholy Lightless Summer", his staggering 31st full-length album!

 VARDAN breaks free of the confines set by Conventional Black Metal with this ground-breaking accomplishment, “Unholy Lightless Summer”.  His most ambitious and ambient album to date, “Unholy Lightless Summer” is more on par with esoteric composers such as Ennio Morricone & Bernard Herrmann or contemporary Dark-wave masters like Raison D 'Etre, Ordo Equilibrio, Current 93 & the Moon Lay Hidden…

 Overflowing with acoustic-electric guitars, vocal choirs, ethereal canting and keyboards passages, “Unholy Lightless Summer” is sure to appeal to an audience well beyond VARDAN's already substantial Metal fan base.

VARDAN "Unholy Lightless Summer" CD Track Listing:

1. Unholy Lightless Summer Pt. 1
2. Unholy Lightless Summer Pt. 2
3. Unholy Lightless Summer Pt. 3  


   Long-running Italian occult black metallers PROFEZIA make their highly anticipated return with “Dodekaprofeton”, their landmark 3rd album! The Moribund Cult is honored to present this final vocal performance by Marco De Rosa.
   Breaking preconceptions and 'standards' of what Black Metal IS, PROFEZIA offers  this new Awe Inspiring opus, more in common with Italian Dark-wave and Neo-Opera than Metal proper!

   Sorrowful, frenzied gusts of violin melodies accompany harmonic, yet harsh atmospheric Black Metal, creating a melancholic mood that undeniably entrances all listeners! Anti-theistic lyrics are taken straight from the old testament to defy our modern era! The harmonious use of modern and classical instruments is bolstered only by vigilant song writing, making PROFEZIA an excellent study in the ways of Cult Italian Black Metal.

"Profezia is out from the blackest abyss to take your worthless souls, expect only total death and desperate bleakness" - Dee Dee Altar,  Bunker 66

 PROFEZIA "Dodekaprofeton" A5 Digi CD Track Listing:

1. Malachi
2. Nahum
3. Amos
4. Obadiah
5. Jonah
6. Zechariah
7. Zephaniah

Garść świeżych niusów z INFERNÖ Records

AMBITION - Brazilian heavy rockers to sign to INFERNÖ Records !!!

We´re very proud and honoured to announce this new band to join our cast!

Hailing from a cold and freezing city in South America, AMBITION is here to reinforce that brazilian underground scene is not only about extreme metal (speed, thrash, death, black, etc)... Yes !!! The nostalgic "denim and leather" spirit of the late 70´s & early 80´s also lives somewhere deep in the land of samba and football !!!


JENNER announces new bassist & works on a new release... .

Serbian all-girl band JENNER announces Nevena Ilic as their new permanent bass-player - some months after Mina Petrovic left. Nevena is an accomplished musician, performing for years in many other local bands... her talent & passion for HEAVY METAL music is not to be proven anymore !


Peruvian Metal Heroes MANDRAGORA announce new singer & new 7"EP !

Shortly after their well-acclaimed debut album "Waves of Steel" was released, peruvian Heavy Metal Heroes MANDRAGORA parted ways with their singer Fatima Natthammer - which was a shock for most of the band fans.. Today we can reveal the identity of their new singer ! Make sure she's gonna push the band further, her vocal abilites are not to be proved anymore, since she's known for being the singer of the peruvian all-female band STROGENA.. please welcome Miss Maria ORITHYA in the ranks of MANDRAGORA !  

Oraculum European Sorcery 2018

Limitowane winyle od De Profundis

Limited edition vinyl release of De Profundis greatest ever album.

On September 7th Lusitanian Music will unveil a stunning new version of The Blinding Light Of Faith, on luxurious red and black marbled vinyl (limited to just 100 copies) and brilliant, rich orange vinyl (limited to 200 copies). The album has been completely remastered for the ultimate vinyl listening experience – a treat for audiophiles, vinyl collectors and death metal junkies alike.

The intricate, nightmarish album artwork created by Alex Tartsus (Sinister, Depravity etc.) comes to grotesque life, spread across the 12” vinyl sleeve, allowing full appreciation of De Profundis’ hammer blow attack on the corrupt organised religions of the world, while the band’s new logo, designed by Gary Ronaldson (Napalm Death, Misery Index, Kreator etc.) stands proud against the burning sky.

Described as a ‘death metal milestone’ by Metal Hammer and nothing less than a ‘masterpiece’ by Zero Tolerance Magazine, this is an album no death metal fan can afford to be without.


Debiut Cronaxia we wrześniu

Cronaxia have been stalwarts of the Portuguese death metal underground for twenty years, with previously just one EP release to their name, 2008s The Solution Above Continuity.  The sheer stamina, dexterity and technical skill required to perform Cronaxia’s music has left band members burnt out and used up, hindering their progress.

Refusing to be delayed any further, band members Felipe (guitarist and founder member), Renato (guitars) and Sergio (vocals) enlisted the help of a session rhythm section, both from the band Grog - drummer Rolando Barros and bassist Alex Ribeiro – to help bring their complex creations to life. The result of this alliance is an album of blistering, hyperactive death metal that goes by the name of Collapsing The Outer Structure.

On September 7th Lusitanian Music will release this collection consisting of eight pieces of wild, inventive, planet-crushing force. Mixed and mastered by Paulo Viera, known for his production work with Ironsword and Ravensire, Collapsing The Outer Structure is a work that walks the tightrope between genius and insanity. With a lyrical concept as brain melting as the music, Cronaxia’s first album is bewildering yet incredible, almost too much to comprehend.

The countdown has begun to that September 7th launch date. Prepare to be consumed, to be undone, to have your brain restructured. This is death metal from beyond the event horizon, from the unfathomable heart of darkness.

Wznowienie debiutu Mist of Misery w sierpniu

Black Lion proudly re issues Swedish Symphonic black metallers Mist of Misery's debut album Absence on CD coming in August.

Following the success of previous outputs and long lasting praise, it became clear that there was indeed a huge void in the absence of things, amongst other Mist of misery's stunning debut album Absence, being in the time when it came out we all were branching out and in  many ways still are,
we felt given the success of both Shackles and Absence it was time to bring back the classic on a proper quality so in August in fact 2 years since the album came out we decided it was indeed time to bulk up for the autumn.. and we are pleased to present the long awaited re issue of Absence on proper CD Digipack.

Track list

1.    Melancholic Thoughts    instrumental
2.    Euthanasia  
3.    Absence  
4.    Final Departure      instrumental
5.    Epitaph of Penitence  
6.    Wistful Twilight instrumental
7.    Paragon of Perdition  
8.    Mist of Misery  
9.    Serenity in Nothingness      instrumental

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No kurwa ... u nas by to (już) nie przeszło ...

Kolejne wieści z Brutala


Since you already know about SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, we are thrilled to announce the rest of bands that will make the whole Tuesday evening even more special. First of all, MONUMENTS OF MISANTHROPY are on the bill - Austrian firing squad playing straightforward death/grind in the most sick and twisted way possible notably thank to incredible drumming of Romain Goulon (Necrophagist among tons of other bands).

The other three bands are among the best Czech scene can offer. The whole area will be covered in darkness with legendary Anton LaVey’s followers ROOT while another hardcore/grind cult GRIDE will literally grind you to powder! Last but not least, BEAST WITHIN THE SOUND will damage the area with their hardcore thrash.

Time schedule of Tuesday August 7:
Door - 2 pm
Show starts - 4-5 pm
Show ends - 10.30 pm

And don’t forget FULFILLMENT!

As we said before, if you want to be sure, you won’t miss a single note, fulfillment is highly recommended.

Warm up party is gonna be cashless as well as the festival itself. From now on, you can register on https://brutalassault.pay.intellifest.com/, connect that with your ticket or wristband and charge it with money.

Anatomia na trasie po Japonii w towarzystwie tajskiego Shambles

“Primitive Obsession” Japan Tour
August 2018
August 10 (Fri.)
at El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama
with Shambles (Thailand), Retch, Exfago, and Fra Hedensk Tid
open: 17:30 | door 2000y

August 11 (Sat.)
at India live the Sky, Nagano
with Shambles (Thailand), Invictus, and Miasma Death
open: 17:30 | door 2000y

August 12 (Sun.)
at Asakusa Gold Sounds, Tokyo
with Shambles (Thailand), Funeral Moth, Butcher ABC, and Moenos
open: 17:00 | adv. 2500y, door 2800y