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Fallen Temple prezentuje

"Ugly Tales"
limited to 500copies CD version
10eu (24,90zł Polska)
info/order/trade: fallentemple@gmail.com



Nowy singiel Defiatory

Sweden's Defiatory presents new single Metatron

 Swedish Thrashers Defiatory are back to put Sweden on the map of extreme Metal with their  new album Hades Rising”, their third fast and furious and  hard hitting kill em all vibe we give you "METATRON" 

Hades Rising is out on CD/Digital worldwide May 11th via Black Lion Records

pre order now !

Pre-order the impending second album "Hades Rising" here (The first 100 purchases get a brutal bundle)

 Hades Rising is out on CD/Digital worldwide May 11th via Black Lion Records

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Debiut WARFIELD "Wrecking Command"

WARFIELD "Wrecking Command" album details.

Metal on Metal Records have recently signed German thrashers WARFIELD for the release of their debut album "Wrecking Command". These guys started playing really young - even though the band was officially formed in 2012, when they were just 15 and 18 years old, they had been already playing together for a couple of years before that. And it's their youthful energy and aggression that make their music so convincing, alongside with the totally old school approach to songwriting and recording. They don't try to reinvent the genre - they fit very well and comfortably with their Teutonic forefathers, taking inspiration mostly from KREATOR, SODOM and DESTRUCTION, but also adding a bit from the American thrash titans like SLAYER and EXODUS, as well as the Canadians from RAZOR. The album contains exactly what the name promises - there’s no time for experiments; aggression and high speed are the highest precept here.

A clip for "Trade in Blood" can be viewed on YouTube. There are also two other songs, "Call to War" and "Vision Genocide", in the Bandcamp player on the WARFIELD page.

The complete CD track listing is as follows:

1. Wrecking Command
2. Self Deceit Race
3. Barrage Fire
4. Divine Winds
5. Call to War
6. Atomic Strike
7. Vision Genocide
8. Under the Surface
9. Trade in Blood
10. Martyr

The album cover was created by Marius Münch. High-res version and more details can be found on the page of this release.

WARFIELD "Wrecking Command CD can be ordered from Metal on Metal Records' website, while the digital download is available from the Bandcamp page.

Wznowienie MELIAH RAGE "Dead to the World"

MELIAH RAGE "Dead to the World" 2018 Edition details.

Together with the new album, Metal on Metal Records is rereleasing 7th album of the long-running Boston metallers MELIAH RAGE. "Dead to the World" 2018 Edition features 2 bonus tracks - 1994 demo versions of songs which were later recorded for this 2011 album, but were originally penned as CACTUS LAND, a short-lived band featuring MELIAH RAGE guitarist/composer/founder Anthony Nichols, guitarist Jim Koury and vocalist Paul Souza.

A video clip for "Where Nothing Ever Grows", starring the band's bass player Darren Lourie, is up on the label's YouTube channel. The video creators (Omnidawn Productions) did an outstanding job re-creating the scene depicted on the album cover art and making it come to life.

Here is the album track list:

1. Up in Flames
2. Valley of the Shadowless Souls
3. Skin and Bones
4. Absolute Obedience
5. Where Nothing Ever Grows
6. Never from Me
7. Cold Cruel Fate
8. Time Won't Let Me Breathe
9. Awaken Sorrow
10. Up in Flames [bonus track]
11. Cold Cruel Fate [bonus track]

The cover artwork was painted by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (Exodus, Manilla Road, Attacker, Witchburner, Forsaken, Deceased, Arkham Witch, Metal Law). More details about the album and high-res cover can be found on the page of this release.

MELIAH RAGE "Dead to the World" 2018 Edition CD is available for ordering from Metal on Metal Records' website, while the digital download (in lossless formats) from the Bandcamp page.

Nowy album MELIAH RAGE

 MELIAH RAGE "Idol Hands" album details.

The 9th studio album of the US power/thrash veterans from Boston MELIAH RAGE "Idol Hands" will be released by Metal on Metal Records on April 27th. It was a long time in the making as this time the band's leader, composer and  guitarist Anthony Nichols wanted to leave no stone unturned to ensure it sounds just like he had envisioned it. This album marks the return of Paul Souza (the vocal powerhouse that can be heard on the band's 3 older studio albums) whose more melodic voice complements the music perfectly, and it features some of the most inspired songwriting and best guitar work in the band's history. It's still most comparable to METALLICA, but fans of METAL CHURCH, WARGASM, XENTRIX, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, HERETIC and TESTAMENT should be pleased with it too.

A video clip has been created by Omnidawn Productions for "Dark as Your Thoughts" song and can be watched on YouTube. There are also two other songs, "Infernal Bleeding" and "Idol Hands", available for streaming in the player on the MELIAH RAGE page.

The album track listing is as follows:

1. The Kill-All Rule
2. Dark as Your Thoughts
3. Idol Hands
4. Crushed Beneath My Heel
5. Sentenced to Life
6. Absolute Power
7. Infernal Bleeding
8. Where Darkness Lies

The cover art was created by  BreakerMaximus @ Shutterstock. More details about the album and high-res covers can be found on the page of this release.

MELIAH RAGE "Idol Hands" CD can be ordered from Metal on Metal Records' website, also in convenient bundles with the previous studio album "Warrior" and/or the rereleased at the same time "Dead to the World" 2018 Edition CD, while the digital download is available from Bandcamp.

NecroticGoreBeast podpisali papiery z Comatose Music

Canadian brutal slam death outfit NecroticGoreBeast have taken their place in the Comatose ranks. Comatose Music are notorious throughout the metal world for their dedication to the most crushing music in existence, so when label boss Steve Green describes NecroticGoreBeast's forthcoming debut album as "one of the heaviest and most brutal releases ever" you know you're in for something staggeringly savage and mind blowing in its ferocity.

"Formed in May 2017, NecroticGoreBeast is a slamming brutal death metal band from Quebec, Canada. Influenced by bands like Analepsy, Cryptopsy, Devourment and Pathology, the band brings their own twist to the slam scene with a technical approach like few in the genre can achieve. With their debut album scheduled for late 2019, NecroticGoreBeast is poised to make a murderous assault on the death metal underground. Be prepared for one of the heaviest and most brutal releases ever that is certain to be an absolute bone crusher!"

TRAGACANTH zapowiada nowy album

TRAGACANTH announce upcoming album, release video teaser

Dutch Technical Black Death Metal band Tragacanth announce their upcoming studio album, The Journey of a Man. The band’s second effort will be released two years after their very well received debut album, Anthology of the East, in collaboration with Pest Records, a Loud Rage Music chapter. The band evolved and enriched it’s sound and compositions considerably by adding even more progressive and ethnic elements among others, and as a taste of what’s to come Tragacanth published a video teaser of The Journey of a Man, now available here:  

Anthology of the East, Tragacanth‘s debut album, is still available here:

– jewel-case CD: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/tragacanth-anthology-of-the-east
– digital: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/tragacanth-anthology-of-the-east



ORDINUL NEGRU announce new line-up

Gearing up for the upcoming release of their eight studio album, Ordinul Negru announce line-up changes. Here’s what the band had to say:

“There were two years of intense work for our upcoming album “Faustian Nights”. Our dear friend and vocalist, S did not had the possibilities to involve as much as we would have wanted in this process because Ordinul Negru evolved quite unexpected from a project into a proper band, so the distance between our cities was a key factor for the rehearsals and different projects we were involved in.
S will still be present with us as a guest for live events when our paths will cross, also he recorded vocals for a song on the new album and we are sure that in the future will remain involved on different levels in Ordinul Negru.”

 The new line-up is:

Fulmineos – guitars, vocals
Urmuz – guitars, vocals
Orthros – bass
Putrid – drums and percussions

The band’s previous album, Sorcery of Darkness, was released at the end of 2015 in collaboration with Loud Rage Music, and was highly praised by both fans and specialized media. Sorcery of Darkness is still available here:

– jewel-case CD: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-sorcery-of-darkness
– digital: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-sorcery-of-darkness

ORDINUL NEGRU anunta noua componenta


Pregatindu-se pentru lansarea celui de-al optulea album din cariera trupei, Ordinul Negru anunta noua componenta. Iata ce au avut de spus componentii trupei Black Metal timisorene:

"Au fost doi ani de munca intensa  la noul nostru  album Faustian Nights. Colegul si prietenul nostru, S nu a avut posibilitatea de a se implica in acest proces atat cat ne-am fi dorit cu totii, pentru ca Ordinul Negru a evoluat in ultima perioada dintr-un proiect intr-o trupa in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, iar distanta dintre orasele noastre a fost un factor important in ceea ce priveste prezenta la repetitii, inregistrari si in alte proiecte in care ne-am implicat.
S va fi in continuare invitatul nostru in  concerte live live de fiecare data cand vom avea ocazia. Deasemenea tinem sa ii multumim pentru inregistrarea unor parti de voci pe o piesa de pe noul album, asa ca suntem siguri ca si in viitor va ramane implicat in activitatea trupei Ordinul Negru."


 Noua componenta este:

Fulmineos – guitars, vocals
Urmuz – guitars, vocals
Orthros – bass
Putrid – drums and percussions

Albumul anterior al trupei, Sorcery of Darkness, a fost lansat la sfarsitul anului 2015 in colaborare cu Loud Rage Music si a primit aprecieri extrem de pozitive atat din partea fanilor genului cat si a presei de specialitate. Sorcery of Darkness este in continuare disponibil aici:

– varianta CD: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-sorcery-of-darkness
– varianta digitala: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/ordinul-negru-sorcery-of-darkness

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Dzisiaj premiera drugiego albumu GOAT WORSHIP

Title: Shore of the Dead
Ref.: XM 258 CD
Release date: 26.04.2018
Barcode: 0715255695375 
Track list:
1. The Blood Countess
2. Yggdrasil
3. The Burning of the Witches
4. Kingdom of the Gods
5. Wolf
6. The Final Battle
7. Final Solution
8. Shore of the Dead

2nd album by this brazilian band that plays a furious, savage and primitive Black Metal with a dirty crusty feel that perfectly keeps the essence of the early BATHORY albums. Any lover of the early Black// Thrash/ Punk edged works of Quorthon, will love this band!

Listen full Album here:

Buy CD here:

Buy Digital here:


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Bloodthirst i Moloch Letalis na czterech wspólnych koncertach w maju!

Cztery koncerty, cztery ciosy, cztery lekcje obskurnego Metalu.


Moloch Letalis

+ supports

23.05. Wrocław, Liverpool KUP BILET
24.05. Rzeszów, Vinyl KUP BILET
25.05. Lublin, Graffiti KUP BILET
26.05. Warszawa, VooDoo KUP BILET
Start: 19:30, wejście od 19:00
- 30zł (przedsprzedaż na lefthandsounds.org/bilety oraz w klubach i stałych punktach sprzedaży)
- 40zł (w dniu koncertu)

Bloodthirst (black/thrash metal, Poznań)
W przyszłym roku poznańskie Bloodthirst obchodzić będzie 20-lecie istnienia. Te dwie dekady to bezkompromisowe hołdowanie wulgarnemu, oldskulowemu Metalowi w czystej postaci. Od pierwszych demówek w stylu Kreator i Sodom do ostatnich dokonań skłaniających się ku twórczości Dissection czy Necrophobic, Bloodthirst niesie sztandar bluźnierstwa i 100% metalowej postawy. Taka muzyka nie ma szans na romans z mainstreamem, jednak nie przeszkodziło to ekipie Ramba wydać 3 płyt pod banderą Pagan Records. Czwarta płyta w przygotowaniu, a jej zwiastunem są dwa utwory dostępne na profilu Bandcamp zespołu.
Dla fanów: Dissection, Destroyer 666, Sodom, Necrophobic, Slayer

„Glorious Sinners” mCD, Pagan (2016): 

„Let Him Die” CD, Pagan (2007):

Moloch Letalis (black/death metal, Września)
Wrzesińska formacja istnieje równe 15 lat i od zarania tworzy ekstremalny Black Metal bez ozdobników. Ich najnowszy album „Krwawy Sztorm”, zmiksowany w Left Hand Sounds, to esencja obrazoburczej wściekłości. Żywioł, agresja i swoista przebojowość to najważniejsze elementy tego krążka, a na dokładkę polskie teksty wykute w najgłębszych czeluściach otchłani! Czy odważysz się z nimi zatańczyć kurwa w Piekle?
Dla fanów: Black Witchery, Marduk, Infernal War, Throneum, Blasphemy

„Krwawy Sztorm” Old Temple (2018):
„Zatańczysz kurwa ze mną w piekle?” 

„Zdychaj psie” 

Imperative PR are pleased to be part of the team promoting a very special gig that will take place at The Lounge, on London’s Archway Road, on June 15th. In conjunction with Rock Solid Promotions, MSH Music Group are bringing Russian masters of darkness, Dominia to the UK for the very first time. Since forming in 1999 Dominia have developed their music into a heady blend of doomed atmospherics, symphonic, gothic drama and powerful, melodic death metal. With albums like Divine Revolution and Stabat Mater they have stolen the hearts of many a fan and have just released a brand new single, ‘Suprema’, through MSH Music Group.

The supporting cast for this historic performance is as diverse as it is exciting, featuring the wild, genre crossing irreverence of Raised By Owls, the pure death metal of Cadaver Soiree, the technical brutality of Sphinx and the uncompromising metal of Parabyss. The UK’s extreme music authority, Zero Tolerance Magazine, have given this night of mixed metal mayhem their seal of approval and sponsored the event.

Tickets are available from seetickets, priced at just £9 for standard entry. There is also a limited V.I.P. ticket option which includes:-
1) A free Cadaver Soiree cassette
2) A free beer
3) Access to soundcheck
4) The chance to meet all the bands performing

One of these V.I.P. tickets is currently up for grabs in a competition – just 'like' the Rock Solid Promotions Facebook page by May 30th to be in with a chance of winning!

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Martyrdom "Ritual Místico De Adoração Á Sabedoria Ancestral"

Apos seculos em profundo silêncio um antigo e misterioso Ritual foi invocado despertando a Lux Occvlta do Universo... O feitiço foi revelado pelos malditos sacerdotes do "Culto Primitivo á Morte"...

Uma terrível aliançaentre os selos Sociedade Dos Mortsos, Dopesmoke Heavy Music Prods, The MetalVox Recs & Distro e Headcrusher Prods, anunciam o lançamento do debut full-lenght  do Martyrdom "Ritual Místico De Adoração Á Sabedoria Ancestral" com 09 faixas que louvam o verdadeiro Metal da Morte celebrando mais de duas décadas dedicadas ao que há de mais terrível na sinfonia abissal e envolto a um livreto de 12 páginas que acomodam este tão esperado álbum.
O valor simbolico de R$ 30,00 lágrimas (Com correios incluso) ou R$ 20,00 lágrimas (em mãos) é o suficiente para que os amantes das artes ocultas tenha uma dessas cópias em mãos!!!

Apenas 500 cópias serão espalhadas para tornar esta Era ainda mais pessimista, doentia e desesperançosa... O mal por si se espalha ...

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Nadchodzące wydawnictwa Wolfspell Records



For the ever-burning Eternal Fire, we present to you - Ikuinen Tuli - a strong collaboration between Finland's most prolific black metal band Kalmankantaja and last year's Finnish/Dutch newcomers of Iku-Turso
Kalmankantaja walks the path of sorrow with three new lengthy hymns of pagan profanity. This split contains some of their fastest material up-to-date with haunting melodies, savage shrieks and fierce musicianship. The spirit of classic Finnish black metal- HVNK KVLT.
Iku-Turso’s epic psalms stem from the deep roots of Northern Finland, where there still are untrodden paths and the unforgiving cold winds blow. The necrotic howls and screams are produced in the Netherworld of The Netherlands. After a strong and well-received debut album Iku-Turso now returns with four new black metal songs reminiscent of the glorious times when Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse was just released and Satyricon was still producing bone-chilling black metal albums.
The timeless cover art "Cult of the werewolf" was done by the esteemed Mr. Daniele Valeriani ( Mysticum, Dark funeral etc.)
Digipak-CD with a 16-page booklet
Fantastic debut album by Southampton's black metal band - Dwarrowdelf. Journey into the deep history of Middle-Earth, as the seven sons of a mad elven king struggle to uphold their oath to recover his prized jewels. Excellent Epic/Atmosperic Black Metal for fans of Summoning and Caladan Brood.
Digipak-CD with a 12-page booklet
UHRILAHJA - En Fördarvad Värld
After very well received demo tapes Tampere's trio is back with debut album. “En Fördarvad Värld” was recorded mostly during the dark and depressive periods of 2017. Lyrics are written in three languages to achieve maximum self-expression of hate toward this wretched world that has lost it’s connection to our roots and heritage. Elements of the Finnish culture is also a source of inspiration for the essence of the album.
Jewel case CD with 12-page booklet.
Ezkaton is depressive/atmospheric Black Metal band from Ukraine. Hopeless and nihilistic visions for the world presented through cold and melancholic Black Metal.
Jewel case CD with 12-page booklet.

Letnie koncerty De Profundis

June 9th – Star & Garter – Manchester
June 10th – Ivory Blacks – Glasgow
June 15th – The Swan – Ipswich
June 16th – Underground – Plymouth
June 17th – Black Heart – London
August 9th-12th – Bloodstock Open Air – Derbyshire

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A w nim wywiady z ELIXIR OF DISTRESS, CRUSM, CRIPPLING MADNESS, HELL PATROL, FANTHRASH, FORMIS, MYOPIA, PARH, PROFANATISM, ZMORA oraz gościnny wywiad z NEOLITH. Do tego dwie truskawki na torcie tj. długie, sprośne i nawet chyba ciekawe rozmowy z twórcami takich zinów jak TOTAL DEATH’ZINE oraz ETERNAL DEATH’ZINE. Nie zapominajcie też o tym, że jak zawsze znajdziecie w nim mnóstwo recenzji płyt, zinów, książek a nawet jakaś relacja z koncertu też się znajdzie. Plus - kilka wspominek na temat DEATH i BATHORY.

72 strony - bez reklam - po polsku - drukarnia !!!
Całość 25 pln (koszty z wysyłką i płytą cd niespodzianką).

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KŁY, MORDOR, VARMIA, ABOVE AURORA - posłuchaj kwietniowych premier Pagan Records!

KŁY - Szczerzenie CD-digipack
STREAM: https://youtu.be/TBoqNrnTSsk

MORDOR - Darkness... CD
STREAM: https://youtu.be/o3B4e-fVxmc
VARMIA - W ciele nie CD
STREAM: https://youtu.be/VfuAq2RlOJw
ABOVE AURORA - Path to Ruin CD-digipack
STREAM: https://youtu.be/pYGRVrmT06E

ABOVE AURORA - Path to Ruin 12"mLP
STREAM: https://youtu.be/pYGRVrmT06E

Nowa EPka Blutrină pod koniec kwietnia

Timisoara, Romanian Looney Grinders Blutrină announce their upcoming release of their new EP, DiscoBallz, scheduled for the 28th of April through a live concert at the Daos Club in the hometown.

DiscoBallz' cover artwork is signed Sebastian Stancu, and the 7 tracks featured were recorded, mixed and mastered by Edmond Karban, Cristian Popescu and Andrei Jumugă at Consonance Studio in Timisoara.


1. Careless
2. Touch
3. Push
4. Voodoo
5. Beat
6. Bird
7. Kenny's Resurrection

The band's debut album Looney Fuckin' Grind was released in 2016 via Loud Rage Music and is still available here:

https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/blutrina-looney-fuckin-grind (digital)
http://shop.loudragemusic.com/blutrina-looney-fuckin-grind (physical CD)


Blutrină vor lansa un nou EP, DiscoBallz


Grinderii timiosoreni Blutrină anunta un nou EP, DiscoBallz, pregatit pentru a fi lansat Sambata 28 Aprilie prin intermediul unui concert la Clubul Daos din Timisoara.


De coperta EPului s-a ocupat Sebastian Stancu, iar cele 7 piese care figureaza pe acesta au fost inregistrate, mixate, masterizate de catre Edmond Karban, Cristian Popescu si Andrei Jumugă la Consonance Studio in Timisoara.

Lista pieselor:

1. Careless
2. Touch
3. Push
4. Voodoo
5. Beat
6. Bird
7. Kenny's Resurrection

In 2016 Blutrină au lansat albumul de debut, Looney Fuckin' Grind, prin intermediul Loud Rage Music, album care este inca disponibil aici:

- format CD: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/Blutrină-looney-fuckin-grind
- format digital: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/Blutrină-looney-fuckin-grind

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Koncert MARDUK w Poznaniu wyprzedany.

 Bilety na koncert w Rzeszowie jeszcze dostępne.

Z przyjemnością informujemy, że bilety na koncert Marduk w Poznaniu, 1 maja, zostały wyprzedane.
W dniu koncertu nie będzie prowadzona sprzedaż na bramce.

Marduk, Infernal War, Ragnarok, Arkona
2.05. Rzeszów, Life House

czwartek, 19 kwietnia 2018

Zmiany na gigu w Rzeszowie!

 Zaszły zmiany w składzie imprezy 21.04.2018.
 Z przyczyn losowych i niezależnych od nikogo nie zagra zespół Warfist.
 Ale mamy w zamian ostrą jazdę bez trzymanki!
 Rękawicę podjęli załoganci z TERRORDOME i DEATHREAT!!!
Kto widział Terrordome na tegorocznej Metalmanii ten wie, że nie ma przebacz a ze sceny ogień i zniszczenie!

Kartel południowo-wschodni:
Terrordome (Kraków)
Excidium (Rzeszów)
Deathreat (Kraków)
Haunted Cenotaph (Rzeszów)

Oświadczenie zespołu Warfist:
"Z przykrością musimy odwołać nasze nadchodzące koncerty w Katowicach i w Rzeszowie, ze względu na kontuzję Pavulona. Jest nam tym bardziej przykro, że taka sytuacja zdarza się nam po raz pierwszy w ciągu 14 lat grania. Dzięki dla organizatorów za wyrozumiałość i przeprosiny dla wszystkich, którzy chcieli nas zobaczyć na żywo w tamtych miejscach. Mamy nadzieję, że wkrótce uda nam się to nadrobić!"

MOONREICH "Fugue" w lipcu