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Back in the ‘90s thrash metal was on its last legs, hearts and minds turning away from its high energy approach and crisp, crunching riffs. The old bands were slipping from the magazine covers, back into the shadows and even the gods of the scene were struggling and second guessing themselves. It was into this environment that Rich Sherrington launched his new band, Solitary – a pure, heads-down thrash metal unit. The scene might be trying to dictate otherwise, but as far as Rich was concerned thrash metal was never going to die.

In 1998 the first Solitary album was released on Holier Than Thou Records and against all the odds, Nothing Changes was greeted with cautious approval from the metal press. Even major magazines like Terrorizer couldn’t deny the power and potency that this new band, flying in the face of public opinion, had achieved. Buoyed by the positive reaction to their debut Solitary hit the road and began a relentless touring schedule around the UK which continues to this day. Subsequent albums like Requiem and The Diseased Heart Of Society have cemented Solitary’s position at the top of the UK thrash scene and while their music has become, in the words of Zero Tolerance Magazine, a ‘finely honed weapon of thrash destruction’, nothing has changed when it comes to their fierce determination and total dedication to thrash
Now, twenty years on from its original release, with the backing of new label Doc Records, Solitary have revisited the album that announced their arrival on the battlefield. Nothing Changes has returned with new artwork, a host of bonus tracks drawn from their early demos and just a little injection of modern studio wizardry. Sounding heavier and more aggressive than ever before this is one battle scarred veteran that has lost none of his venom and fighting spirit. In a nod to the past this special 20th Anniversary edition of Nothing Changes will only be available on CD, not on any digital platform, so pick up a copy while they’re around or miss out forever. Celebrate the true spirit of thrash, raise a glass to the unbowed and unbroken and pledge your allegiance to the band that promised to thrash forever.

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