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Wznowienie materiałów Dr. Shrinker na podwójnych winylach

Nuclear War Now! Productions sets August 15th as the international release date for Dr. Shrinker's Archive I and Archive II, both on double-LP vinyl format.

As a product of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin metal scene of the mid 1980s, Dr. Shrinker largely toiled in obscurity throughout its early years. Unlike many death metal bands in the Tampa, Florida area of roughly the same period, for example, Dr. Shrinker did not benefit from being involved in a burgeoning scene that attracted significant attention. Thus, as it happens so often, the genius of this group of musicians was not fully recognized until years after the band’s dissolution.

Originally formed in 1986, Dr. Shrinker underwent a few lineup changes and recorded four full demos and an additional single demo track during its short-lived initial existence between 1988 and 1990. In spite of these recordings and its active presence in the local DIY metal scene, the band never toured or attracted an album deal from a label that actually materialized. That said, Dr. Shrinker has since earned the recognition that it has rightfully deserved as one of the most grotesque U.S. death metal bands to have ever existed. Among other renowned metal and hardcore bands, Dr. Shrinker’s music was heavily influenced by Autopsy, and the respect was mutual. In fact, Chris Reifert was one of the band’s most ardent and prolific supporters, as he was active in spreading the band’s early demos. Nonetheless, the band dissolved in 1990 and took a 25-year hiatus, in part due to the frustration with being unable to secure a record deal.

It is with great pride that Nuclear War Now! has exhumed the remains of Dr. Shrinker’s first era with two double-LP collections simply titled Archive I and Archive II. The first of these compilations includes the Recognition demo and Live Demo from 1988, as well as a rehearsal from 1990. The second includes the Wedding the Grotesque demo from 1989, the Eponym demo from 1990, and a single track, "Our Necropsy," that was recorded in 1990 as a demo for what was intended to be the first Dr. Shrinker album that never came to fruition. Additionally, the die-hard version of this release includes both compilations along with a zine-style booklet that boasts the most extensive Dr. Shrinker biography known to exist as well as numerous photos and flyers from the band’s initial period of existence. Given the attention to detail that NWN! is known to exercise, it goes without saying that this is the most fitting way to pay tribute to a band that deserved such treatment over two and half decades ago.

In the leadup to each record's physical release, Archive I is currently streaming HERE at Nuclear War Now!'s Bandcamp while Archive II is streaming HERE. Respective covers and tracklistings are as follows:

 Tracklisting for Dr. Shrinker's Archive I
1. March of the Undead
2. Dead by Dawn (Swallow Your Soul)
3. Graphic Violence
4. Rawhead
5. Chunkblower
6. Horrific Future / Chemical Imbalance
7. Pronounced Dead
8. The Command
9. March of the Undead
10. Graphic Violence
11. Inverted Direction
12. Free at Last
13. Repulsive Habits
14. Tracheotomy
15. In Body and Soul
16. Grotesque Wedlock
17. Bacterial Encroachment
18. Germ Farm
19. Tighten the Tourniquet

Tracks 1-7: Live Demo (1988)
Tracks 8-12: Recognition demo (1988)
Tracks 13-19: rehearsal August (1990)

Tracklisting for Dr. Shrinker's Archive II
1. Tools of the Trade
2. Mesmerization (Of a Corpse)
3. Fungus
4. Rawhead Rex
5. Cerebral Seizure
6. Dead by Dawn
7. Open Heart Surgery
8. No Way to Live
9. Pronounced Dead
10. Chunk Blower
11. Bacterial Encroachment
12. Wedding the Grotesque
13. Tighten the Tourniquet
14. Germ Farm
15. Our Necropsy

Tracks 1-12: Wedding the Grotesque demo (1989)
Tracks 13-14: Eponym demo (1990)
Track 15: Necrosis session (1990)

New Heerwegen Tod Production Releases:

”Through The Frozen Styx”
(HTP – CD 006)

We proudly present the following release by Heerwegen Tod Production that is finally coming out. Profanatism “Through The Frozen Styx” is unusual combination of great performed atmospheric black metal with symphonic parties that include as well aggressive musical genocide played in harmony. It`s an exceptional atmosphere, full of dynamism and perfect esoteric elements with an absolute technical performance.  It`s all bounded with deep brutal darkness that makes this release incredibly original. Over 47 minutes of genial virtuosity finalizing with Scrilegium “Darkness” cover that makes this release more mystic and  shows competitiveness in Profanatism music.

Price 5,66 euro/ 6,66 $/ 16,66 PLN

Our webside:

Piąty album serbskiego Nadimac do odsłuchu

Serbian crossover thrash maniacs Nadimac stream the entirety of their highly anticipated fifth album, Besnilo ("Indignation"), at heavily trafficked web-portal ToiletOvHell.com. Set for international release on July 3rd via Xtreem Music, hear Nadimac's Besnilo in its entirety exclusively HERE.

 Tracklisting for Nadimac's Besnilo
1. Uvod u Besnilo (The Indignation Echo)
2. Palikuca (Flaming Vendetta)
3. Jednom Nogom u Gradu (Escapism Against Modernism)
4. Kapitalizam je Kanibalizam (Capitalism is Cannibalism)
5. Revolucija u Izlogu (Shopping Revolution)
6. U Podrumu Žute Kuce (Organ Market Basement)
7. Anatomija Poslušnosti (Anatomy of Obedience)
8. Analni Ovcar (Anal Shepherd)
9. Teraj se u Kurac (Go Fuck Yourself)
10. Prvi Put sa Kevom na Šemu (My Mum's Drugs)
11. Rodjen u Ofsajdu (Nesportski Dan) (Born in Offside [Anti-Sport Day])
12. Zemlja Povraca (Mother Earth is Vomiting)
13. Crna Štampa (Diarrhea Newsweek)
14. Bez Ograda, bez Barijera (Against Elitism, Pro Unity)

Nowa EPka i trasa Barbarian po USA

To coincide with a full tour of the United States this August, on July 21st internationally, Hells Headbangers will release a new 7" EP from Italy's Barbarian. Simply self-titled, this new two-song banger presents Barbarian at their roughest, rowdiest, and arguably heaviest yet. Riding high on the critical acclaim afforded their first album for Hells Headbangers (and third overall), Cult of the Empty Grave, Barbarian go from strength to strength, taking the blackened traditional metal of that album and here firing it full of a dangerous octane. Both tracks - "Simulacra of the Ageless Need" and the telltale "Stench of God" - are both brand-new and exclusive to this release, featuring the band's new lineup, so get ready for summer slaughter with the Barbarian 7"!

A statement from the band reads: "Barbarian are ready to hit US soil for the first time and defile stages all over the country! Our axes are already honed and our bone knives sharpened, so if you want it ugly and obtuse, join us for the absolute Regressive Metal desecration!"

The updated list of full dates & venues for Barbarian's summer American tour are as follows :
August 4 - Chicago, IL @ LiveWire Lounge
August 5 - Milwaukee, WI @ Frank's Power Plant
August 6 - Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
August 7 - Rapid City, SD @ West Dakota Improv
August 9 - Seattle, WA @ Highline Bar
August 10 - Portland, OR @ Twilight Cafe
August 11 - San Francisco, CA @ RS94109
August 12 - Los Angeles, CA @ Five Star Bar
August 13 - Las Vegas, NV
August 14 - Lost Lake, Denver, CO
August 15 - Kansas City, MO
August 16 - St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
August 17 - Cincinnati, OH @ Rake's End
August 18 - New York, NY @ Metal Kingdom
August 19 - New Carrollton, MD @ El Gran Chaparral
August 20 - Worcester, MA
August 21 - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
August 22 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room
August 23 - Nashville, TN - The East Room
August 24 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
August 25 - Philadelphia, PA

Further updates to follow shortly. Currently, the track "Simulacra of the Ageless Need" is streaming at Hells Headbangers' Bandcamp HERE, where the Barbarian 7" EP can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
Tracklisting for Barbarian (Italy)'s Barbarian EP
1. Simulacra of the Ageless Need
2. Stench of God

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EPka Prison of Mirrors do odsłuchu

Italian black metal cult Prison of Mirrors streams the entirety of their new EP - titled Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths - at heavily trafficked web-portal CVLTNation.com. Set for international release on June 30th via Signal Rex on cassette tape format, hear Prison of MirrorsUnstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths - in its entirety exclusively HERE.
Tracklisting for Prison of Mirrors' Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths
1. Litany of Consecration
2. Wounds of Radical Abnegation

Kawałek Battle Raider do odsłuchu

Mexican heavy metal warriors Battle Raider have have revealed the first advance song, cover artwork, and tracklist for their sophomore album, Battle Raider, to be released August 21st via Fighter Records.

In the meantime, hear the aforementioned new track "Battle Raider" at Fighter Records' official YouTube channel HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

 Tracklisting for Battle Raider's Battle Raider
1. Flying Fingers
2. Battle Raider
3. Hard Flyer
4. Atlanteans of Gold
5. Early Fantasy
6. Tartan Piper Alpha
7. Commander
8. A Sioux Prayer

Debiut BEREFT OF LIGHT już jest

 BEREFT OF LIGHT’s debut album, Hoinar, out now

Cascadian Black Metal project Bereft of Light by Romanian musician Daniel Neagoe, known from his work in bands like Shape of Despair, Eye of Solitude, Unfathomable Ruination or Clouds, presents its debut full-length album, Hoinar, out now and available via Loud Rage Music:

Physical version (jewel-case CD) - http://shop.loudragemusic.com/bereft-of-light-hoinar
Digital version - https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/bereft-of-light-hoinar


I – Uitare
II – Legamant
III – Pustiu
IV – Freamat
V – Tarziu

Here’s what Daniel had to say on this new project: “Bereft of Light is a symbol for introspection, a chapter in the solitude we all long for, a thousand thoughts that break the barrier of mind and a calm before the storm of feelings.
Hoinar, Romanian word for “wonderer” is a statement of solitude and introspection, a simple but ample opportunity to escape in one self’s own world where anything and everything can shape up and be coloured in all possible tints.
A soul’s journey up the ladder of life, past, present and future. A dive into the unknown of one’s mind and an open door in the mirror of eternity.”

Hoinar is now streaming in full here:  

BEREFT OF LIGHT lanseaza albumul de debut, Hoinar

Bereft of Light, noul proiect al muzicianului roman stabilit in Londra, Daniel Neagoe, cunoscut prin munca in trupe internationale ca Shape of Despair, Eye of Solitude, Unfathomable Ruination sau Clouds, dar si prin colaborari cu trupe romanesti ca Gothic, Tiarra, My Shadow sau Fogland, prezinta albumul de debut, Hoinar, lansat pe 26 Iunie prin intermediul Loud Rage Music.

Albumul este disponibil in format digital si fizic:
- fizic (pe suport CD): http://shop.loudragemusic.com/bereft-of-light-hoinar
- digital: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/bereft-of-light-hoinar 

Iata ce a declarat Daniel in legatura cu acest proiect: “Bereft of Light este simbolul introspectiei, un capitol al singurătății dupa care cu toții tanjim, cele o mie de gânduri care se sparg la poarta minții și calmul de dinaintea furtunii trairilor.

Hoinar este o dovadă a singurătății și introspecției, o oportunitate simpla dar amplă de a evada în lumea proprie, unde orice poate fi conturat.

Este călătoria unui suflet în necunoscutul vietii trecute, prezenta si viitoare si o usa deschisa catre oglinda eternității."

Hoinar este acum disponibil pentru ascultare in intregime aici: