środa, 22 stycznia 2020

Kompilacja demówek VIOGRESSION w lutym

VIOGRESSION to release demo collection via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Thrashing Corpse Records; Perception Blur set for release on February 28th

Listen to album track "Execution [Execution Demo] at https://youtu.be/SJUhMa4dL9Y

Pre-order Perception Blur on CD and digital formats at hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/perception-blur


1. Execution [Execution Demo]
2. Fleshlords [Execution Demo]
3. Nothing (Psychosomatic Insanity) [Execution Demo]
4. Survival Denial [Execution Demo]
5. Perception Blur [Perception Blur Demo]
6. Thirst For Blood [Perception Blur Demo]
7. Bare Wounds [Perception Blur Demo]
8. Cryonic Death [Perception Blur Demo]
9. Xglbtts [Perception Blur Demo]
10. Thirst For Blood [Apocalypse Demo]
11. Cryonic Death / Xglbtts [Apocalypse Demo]
12. Victim Of Delusion [Disaster Demo]
13. Feast From Within [Rehearsal Tape August 1988]

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