wtorek, 28 stycznia 2020

SHOCKPROOF odnowili kontrakt z Time To Kill Records. Płyta w marcu.

Italian metallers SHOCKPROOF have extended their contract with Time To Kill Records.

The band reveal that their new album named "The Will The Reason and The Wire" will be released on March 6th, 2020.

Formed in Rome in 2013, SHOCKPROOF is a skilled power trio that serves up a variety of styles and song structures, drawing influences from classic heavy metal, old school thrash metal, punk and hardcore, in the vein of classic Anthrax, Motorhead and Voivod.

The follow-up to "More Broken Chains" (2018) will display an updated sound while maintaining every bit of the band’s trademark aggression.
More details on the upcoming new record, audio previews and new live dates will be announced shortly.


Riccardo “Conte” Romani - Vocals, Bass
Andrea “Ghandi” Gandin - Guitar
Leopoldo Russo Ceccotti - Drums


"Fighting Bad Times" (2015)
"More Broken Chains" (2018)
"The Will The Reason and The Wire" (2020)

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