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PHENOCRYST zadebiutują w grudniu


Today, Blood Harvest Records announces December 17th as the international release date for Phenocryst's striking debut EP, Explosions, on CD and cassette tape formats. The 12" vinyl version will follow next year.

Hailing from Portugal, Phenocryst was formed in early 2020 by D.S. (Archaic Tomb, Summon) and P. Tosher (Extreme Unction, Scum Liquor,  ex-A Tree of Sign), with N. (Summon, Sepulcros, Concilium) and V.M. (Systemik Violence, Necrobode) joining later on, during the recording of their debut EP. The band is based in the outskirts of Lisbon, and the origin of such conjuration is a rigorous consequence of a vibrant underground activity in the city.

D.S. and P. Tosher wanted to create the foundation of a death metal act crossing other influences like doom and some psychedelic vibes, to illustrate soundscapes of disastrous, catastrophic, and annihilating volcanic and natural events. There are not many artists actually singing about this specific topic, if any, and therefore, the lyrical content is also something to explore. As such, the moniker Phenocryst is fitting.

Aptly titled Explosions, Phenocryst now reveal their debut recording. Totaling five tracks (one instrumental) over 23 minutes, Explosions unsettles with preternatural ease, reeking of death stench and obscure delirium. Phenocryst are proudly and purely death metal, but are emboldened in their liberation to explore within this rich language: Only Death is Realer.

Indeed, Explosions is an explosive event, and one which marks Phenocryst's forthcoming debut album, which is currently being prepared. Take the first step into their burnt lands...

The first step can be taken with the brand-new track "Pyroclastic Flows" HERE at Blood Harvest's Bandcamp. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover artwork, courtesy of Belial NecroArts, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Phenocryst's Explosions
1. Fumarole Emanations [5:40]
2. Phreatic Explosions [5:50]
3. Pyroclastic Flows [4:18]
4. Craters [4:25]
5. Igneous Fluids [3:10]

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