piątek, 15 października 2021

Zajawka z nowego albumu PHRENELITH


Today, Danish death metal titans Phrenelith reveal the new track "Awakening Titans." The track is the first to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated second album, Chimaera, set for international release on December 10th via Nuclear Winter Records on CD and cassette tape formats; the vinyl LP version will follow next year. Hear Phrenelith's "Awakening Titans" in its entirety HERE at Nuclear Winter's Bandcamp.

Fully befitting this accomplishment, Chimaera is completed with cover artwork by the late/great Timo Ketola, while mixing & mastering were handled by Greg Wilkinson, who’s worked with Autopsy, Vastum, Necrot, Ossuarium, Undergang, and Fetid among many others (recording took place in Denmark’s Studio Ballade). As another cursed year draws to a close, Phrenelith looms ominously over all!

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Awakening Titans" HERE at Nuclear Winter's Bandcamp. Aforementioned cover artwork and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Phrenelith's Chimaera
1. Awakening Titans [7:07]
2. Chimaerian Offspring - Part I [4:22]
3. Phlegethon [4:09]
4. Gorgonhead [3:59]
5. Kykytos [2:31]
6. Χίμαιρα [1:27]
7. Chimaerian Offspring - Part II [7:46]

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