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TIDELESS zapowiadają debiut


Today, Chaos Records and Triangle Circle Records co-release Tideless' long-awaited debut album, Adrift in Grief, on CD format.

Tideless can be traced back to 2010 in the city of Carlsbad, part of greater San Diego, California, when main songwriter and guitarist Carlos Gaitan started to focus his attention to guitar/songwriting more than just drumming for Morbid Gods and other projects. Under the original Ruminations moniker, lineups came and went, and only a few raw recordings where ever materialized.

After years of stagnation, Carlos Gaitan made the switch to guitar after contacting Zane Young of Elegiac to cover drum duties. At this time, Carlos Gaitan had been preforming drums for Xantam live and asked Kyle Armendariz to join as vocalist and bassist. So, in 2015, Tideless was formed, and by 2016, they had released a demo called Sea of Tears.

What once was simply death-doom influenced by The Chasm and Disembowelment started to drift more into an experimental field. Heavily influenced by shoegaze (Alison’s Halo, Starflyer 59, Slowdive) and old prog (King Crimson and Magma), Tideless progressed into what some people refer to as deathgaze or shoegaze death metal.

The band did a West Coast tour, pulling double duty as Xantam and recording the Eclipsed Blood Horizon EP right after the end of the tour. Released in 2017, it also marked the departure of Zane Young. What followed was a short break, but in 2019, Kyle Armendariz took over drum duties and Aaron Clarke joined on guitar.

This trio would record Adrift in Grief throughout most of 2020. Late that year, Javier Monreal joined on bass. 2021 marked the release of Adrift in Grief and the addition of Diego Gonzalez on vocals. Live performances are once again a realization as a quintet, and the production of the second Tideless album came to a close.

Preorder for the Chaos Records / Triangle Circle Records edition of Adrift in Grief can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Tideless' Adrift in Grief
1. The Disease That Is Time [10:30]
2. Cascading Flesh [6:14]
3. Vast and Empty [9:20]
4. Darkness in the Light [10:52]
5. Twilight Luminescence [13:17]

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