poniedziałek, 13 maja 2019

Drugi krążek PANNDORA w październiku

announce 2nd album "Uranie"
on INFERNÖ Records !

 It's not a secret anymore !
Brasilian all-girl HEAVY METAL band
PANNDORA will release their new & 2nd album entitled "Uranie" this fall on INFERNÖ Records !

Initially formed in 2000 (yes - almost 20 years ago !) as WIND OF FATE, PANNDORA - now composed of Renata Paschoa (Vocals), Luana Bomb and Rebecca Rastelli (Guitars), Taise Bijora (Bass) and Adrismith (Drums) have recently recorded what will be their new album - made of 8 songs (Shout Out / Uranie / False Excuses / Cold Eyes / Death Is Not The End / Partners In Crime / The Moorland + a Judas Priest's cover of Electric Eye) to be unleash around October 2019 on CD & Cassette formats !

Artwork to be revealed soon.. as well as a first song soon online - stay tuned !

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