poniedziałek, 13 maja 2019

Tyrmfar "Renewal Through Purification" w czerwcu

Once more Tyrmfar are descending from their mountain stronghold, bringing with them the apocalyptic thunder of new album Renewal Through Purification. Like dark gods dispensing justice on a failing world they will unleash their staggering death metal onslaught, shrouded in a cloak of the blackest atmosphere and shot through with heart-rending melodies. Renewal Through Purification is a breathtaking explosion of power that promises nothing but absolute, ultimate destruction. The end is nigh...

June 22nd 2019 is the date decreed, when MTAF Records will pull the trigger and fire Renewal Through Purification out into the world with its uncompromising pronouncement of doom. Tyrmfar are coming...prepare to be judged!


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