środa, 8 maja 2019

New Heerwegen Tod Production Release:

Sealed In Blood
”Streams of the bounldess elements”
(HTP-CD 013)

First full-lenght album of this Lower Silesian Dark Ambient project,
released at last on CD!
Orginally released as Cdr in A4 case box, had 8 tracks of dark ambient music
with dungeon synth and neoclassical elements, recorded in winter 2005/2006.
This time as CD is a 9 tracks remastered version album,
about forests, nature and the elements.
Melodious and dynamic, but still hipnotic and gloomy atmosphere,
which characterizes sounds of Sealed In Blood music.
Over 78 minutes for early 90`s dark ambient and dungeon synth fans.

Price: 5,22 euro/ 6,66 $/ 16,66 PLN

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