czwartek, 21 marca 2019

Nowy kawałek Deathwomb do odsłuchu

Spanish black metal cult Deathwomb premiere the new track "Moloch's Domain" at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from the band's striking debut album, Moonless Night Sacraments, set for international release on April 19th via Iron Bonehead Productions. Hear Deathwomb's "Moloch's Domain" in its entirety exclusively HERE. Begin partaking with the previously revealed "The Ancient Serpent" HERE at Iron Bonehead's Soundcloud. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

 Tracklisting for Deathwomb's Moonless Night Sacraments
1. Tablets of Fire
2. Eternal Oaths of Chaos
3. The Primordial One
4. The Ancient Serpent
5. Moonless Night Sacraments
6. God's Servant Laceration
7. Enochian Keys
8. Black Omen
9. Moloch's Domain
10. The Chasm

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